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25.05.19Producer Standard - Maverick (Omnisphere Bank)142.8 KB
25.05.19Producer Standard - Poolside (Omnisphere Bank)144.15 KB
25.05.19Producer Standard - Purge (Omnisphere Bank)142.5 KB
25.05.19Producer Standard - Carpe Diem (Omnisphere Bank)148.23 KB
25.05.19StudioPlug - Digital Bells (Omnisphere Bank)310.37 KB
25.05.19StudioPlug - Rockstar (Omnisphere Bank)199.52 KB
25.05.19StudioPlug - The Hills (Omnisphere Preset Bank)2.58 MB
25.05.19StudioPlug - Time Glitch (Omnisphere Bank)288.63 KB
25.05.19The Cratez - The Council (Omnisphere Bank)222.92 KB
25.05.19TopSounds - Dark Nights (Omnisphere Bank)29.85 MB
25.05.19TopSounds - Handsome (Omnisphere Bank)281.47 KB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Bart Synthson (ElectraX Bank)5.84 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Drench God (ElectraX Bank)1.29 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Rage Is L.U.V XP. (ElectraX Bank)1 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Savage Mode (ElectraX Bank)2.27 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Tarentino ARP Madness (ElectraX Bank)1.35 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - Trappin In Heaven (ElectraX Bank)3.47 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree - XO Tour Life XP (ElectraX Bank)42.29 MB
25.05.19Ave Mcree -Magnolia (ElectraX Bank)28.46 MB
25.05.19Based Gutta - Gutta N_ Savage (ElectraX Bank)1.56 MB
25.05.19Based Gutta - Some Shit Gutta Made Vol.1628.59 KB
25.05.19Big Werks - Astronomical (Electra Bank)1.73 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Big Bank (Electra Bank)10.5 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Blackjack (Electra Bank)4.6 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Cook Up Essentials (Electra Bank)3.66 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Desinger Drugz (Electra Bank)1.06 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Sound Source (Electra Bank)12.73 MB
25.05.19Big Werks - Tough (ElectraX Bank)6.15 MB
24.05.19Freak.Music.Spire.Clouds.For.REVEAL.SOUND.SPiRE-DISCOVER6.87 MB
21.05.19Studio Sounds - Omen (Omnisphere Bank)558.39 KB
21.05.19Studio Sounds - Party Pack (ElectraX Bank)7.23 MB
21.05.19Studio_Sounds - Rosaries (Omnisphere Bank)85.75 MB
21.05.19Bass.Kleph.Easy.Chords.v1.1.for.Ableton.Live390.18 KB
09.05.19Marula.Music.Euphorbia.for.DS.Thorn-SYNTHiC4TE28.53 MB
06.05.19The.Kit.Plug.Aperture.FOR.SPECTRASONiCS.OMNiSPHERE.2539.25 KB
06.05.19The.Kit.Plug.Plush.ElectraX.Presets12.53 MB
03.05.19Native.Instruments.Super.8.for.REAKTOR.WiN.OSX-DECiBEL47.45 MB
02.05.19Vintage.Synth.Pads.Symmetrical.Dune.2.and.Dune.3.Soundset24.42 MB
02.05.19Vintage.Synth.Pads.Analog.Dusk.Dune.3.Soundset14 MB
29.04.19Avenger.Expansion.Pack.EDM.1.Presets.Rebuild.for.v1.4.87.6 MB
29.04.19BigWerks.Alpha.Status.for.Electra.X-DECiBEL12.05 MB
21.04.19NI.Reaktor.6.3.0 Full.Complete.User.Library.20-04-20192.08 GB
19.04.19StudioPlug - Pad City (Omnsiphere Bank)180 KB
19.04.19SoundFxWizard.Cinemassive.NATiVE.iNSTRUMENTS.MASSiVE3 MB
18.04.19Electronik.Sound.Lab.808.Bass.Module.X.v1.0.for.Halion.Sonic543.53 MB
15.04.19Abletunes.Waterfall.Future.Bass.Ableton.Live.Template.ALS.NMSV.FXP8.33 MB
15.04.19Abletunes.Waverunner.Future.House.Ableton.Live.Template.ALS.NMSV26.81 MB
09.04.19Encounters.media.VPS.Avenger.Skin.Molotov12.62 MB
09.04.19Isotonik.Studios.Noiss.COKO.SemplerPro1.49 MB
25.03.19encoderaudio.PolyRandom.v3.12.AMDX52.71 KB

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