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Title: ADSR.Sounds.Zone.by.Audiaire.Learn.every.feature.and.function.TUTORiAL
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Added: October 4, 2018, 5:44 pm
Zone is the brand new synth from Audiaire. Zone is a unique software synthesiser that encourages complex sound design in a musical way, showcasing the beautiful idiosyncrasies seldom seen in digital instruments. With so many options for generating sounds it can quickly become overwhelming.

In this course Echo Sound Works will teach you how to master the synth and turn Zone into one of your powerhouse sound generators.


Zone is a new soft synth recently released by Audiaire. Featuring a powerful parameter sequencer that allows virtually every control to be assigned to and modified by its own independent sequencer lane, Zone promises almost limitless possibilities for sound generation.

Go under the hood in this 14 part course and find out just what Zone can do. Whether you’ve already got yourself a copy, or you’re interested in finding out whether this software is for you. This 2-hour course dives deep to give you all the knowledge you need to get started as a Zone power user today.


Pt. 1 – Introduction

A quick intro video outlining the scope of the entire course.

Pt. 2 – GUI Layout

Understanding where each section of a synth is becomes paramount when you are trying to get creative with it and create custom sounds.

Pt. 3 – Understanding The Oscillators

Zone comes equipped with feature rich oscillators. Learn how to use these as the foundation of any sound. We will even look at how to make custom, single cycle waveforms.

Pt. 4 – Sub and Noise Oscillator

Learn how to use these two added oscillators.

Pt. 5 – Amp and Mod Envelopes

This section will show you how to shape the perfect sound using the envelopes in Zone.

Pt. 6 – OSC Mod Options

This video will look at how you can further shape any sound with these powerful tools.

Pt. 7 – Filter Section

This video covers the basics of the filter section in Zone.

Pt. 8 – Filter Modes

Take an in depth look at the various filter types in Zone.

Pt. 9 – LFO’s

Learn everything you need to know about the Low Frequency Oscillators and Zone.

Pt. 10 – Mod Matrix

Zone has a simple, yet powerful mod matrix. This video will show you how to create modulations to make your sounds more powerful.

Pt. 11 – Macro Controls

Zone gives you access to multiple macro controls. Learn how to set them up and how to use them in sound design.

Pt. 12 – FX Section

Zone comes with a ton of cool effects, this video walks you through the various types.

Pt. 13 – Parameter Sequencer

This video takes a comprehensive look at Zone’s Parameter Sequencer.

Pt. 14 – Exploring the Parameter Sequencers

Reverse engineer some presets focusing on how the parameter sequencers are used to create unique sounds.

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