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Title: Cockos.REAPER.v5.0.Rev.59ce87.x86.x64.Incl.Key.P2P
Category: Audioapps
Size: 18 MB
Added: September 1, 2015, 8:20 pm
REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

- Record audio and MIDI from multiple inputs simultaneously.
- Layer recorded tracks and takes over previous recordings.
- Edit recordings in almost any imaginable way.
- Hundreds of audio and MIDI processing effects included, or choose from thousands of third-party effects.
- All editing and effects are completely non-destructive.

REAPER works with almost any hardware and can be used in combination with a vast universe of other software and plug-ins.

More about REAPER for:

• Musicians and home studios
• Commercial recording studios
• Broadcast production
• Location recording
• Sound design, game development
• Education
• Science and Research


v5.0 - August 12 2015
+ API: added Envelope, Tempo Map, Project Extension State, improved MIDI and Toolbar APIs
+ Actions: added propagate take and propagate item actions
+ ASIO: support for up to 512 channels of input and output
+ Automation: increased automation recording speed by 3x
+ Automation: internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter automation
+ Automation: more consistent behavior when changing FX preset
+ Automation: new volume envelope mode that mimics track fader scaling
+ Performance: updated default worker thread scheduling logic for lower CPU use
+ Performance: disabled anticipative FX processing on tracks with open MIDI editors, by default
+ Performance: automatically disable anticipative FX in routed-to tracks for open MIDI editors
+ Configuration import/export: optionally include media explorer databases
+ EDL: support for VIDEO media type in Vegas EDL TXT
+ FX: per-take FX automation and parameter modulation
+ FX: browser smart folders (filter-folders)
+ FX: browser options to view JSFX by description and/or filename
+ FX: support for parameters with inverted ranges
+ FX: VST3 support, including sample-accurate automation
+ FX: inform VST plug-ins of offline rendering state, by default
+ FX: duplicating Take FX copies channel counts
+ FX: user-adjustable parameter modulation LFO phase
+ JSFX: sample-accurate automation support
+ JSFX: added support for inverted slider ranges
+ JSFX: editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, Ctrl+Mousewheel font size change)
+ JSFX: fixed potential crash from gfx_circle() with bad parameters [p=1467110]
+ Localization: language packs can specify scale for dialog windows using (for example) 5CA1E00000000000=xsc ysc
+ Localization: all codec (wav, video, mp3, etc) dialog boxes and related strings can now be translated
+ Localization: new template LangPack
+ MIDI: do not automatically enable MIDI vol/pan faders when creating MIDI-only sends/receives [t=94841]
+ MIDI: note-off velocity support in piano roll and list view editors
+ MIDI editor: added mouse modifiers to edit note edges ignoring selection
+ MIDI editor: changed default note edge mouse modifiers to match default media item edge modifiers
+ MIDI editor: optionally display project tempo and time signature markers in the ruler
+ Media Explorer: added option 'Play through selected track'
+ Media Explorer: search in subfolders
+ Media Explorer: improved accessibility/tabbing navigation
+ Media Explorer: fixed various UTF-8 issues on Windows [issueid=5271][issueid=5062]
+ Media Explorer: fixed issues when using preserve-pitch and tempo-match options
+ Media Explorer: fixed MIDI/OSC action binding
+ Metronome: configurable beat patterns
+ Metronome: improved count-in behavior/quality
+ Mouse: ignore mouse wheel on all faders, by default
+ Multichannel media: support Ambisonic WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE .wav files
+ Multichannel media: improved zero crossing navigation
+ Multichannel media: improved tab-to-transient behavior
+ Multichannel media: improved support for chained OGG Vorbis files
+ Opus support: full decode/encode support for OGG <a href="http://www.opus-codec.org">Opus</a> files
+ Project Bay: new tab for managing FX parameter envelopes, modulation, and MIDI learn
+ Project Bay: fixed replace FX in project [issueid=5324]
+ Project Bay: fixed source/item/fx deletion and undo issues [issueid=5315]
+ ReaPlugs: improved touch-automation behavior for various check/combo/edit controls
+ ReaPlugs: improved ReaInsert behavior in many real world scenarios (PDC, looping, heavy load)
+ ReaScript: integrated development environment (IDE) for running, editing, debugging scripts
+ ReaScript: IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch lists, structure matching, and more
+ ReaScript: integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
+ ReaScript: EEL and Lua scripts can query various information (incl. MIDI/OSC input values) via get_action_context()
+ ReaScript: EEL/Lua graphics/UI API (gfx*) extensions
+ ReaScript: toggle state support (script toolbar buttons can have on/off states)
+ Ripple editing: removing time in one-track and all-track mode better respects timebase:beats preferences for markers, items, and envelopes
+ Ruler: improved display for frame grid and HH:MM:SS:FF
+ Ruler: absolute frames time display mode
+ Stretch Markers: improved behavior when changing tempo map/moving items across tempo maps
+ Default theme: extra fancy new theme
+ Default theme: many layout choices for different uses (small, large, meters, live recording, media, item)
+ Default theme: better track panel and item tinting appearance
+ Theming: added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
+ Theming: improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtconfig, themes can override tint/peaks preferences via rtconfig 'tinttcp' and 'peaksedges')
+ Theming: scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images for arrange and MIDI editor respectively
+ Time Map: better behavior when changing time signatures
+ Time Map: improved behavior when inserting/removing time in project (fixed auto-create of new time signature markers)
+ Time Map: improved time signature behavior when moving/copying regions
+ Toolbars: up to 16 general and 8 MIDI toolbars
+ Track grouping: VCA slave track group setting
+ Undo: options to include envelope point selection in undo state
+ Undo: improved FX envelope undo behavior
+ Video: massive improvements to video support
+ Video: allow user configurable video decoder priorities with per-file-extension controls
+ Video: configurable video output display latency
+ Video: dockable video window
+ Video: per-source option to not decode audio for video files
+ Video: pooled audio decoders, reducing RAM use for heavily edited videos
+ Video: project framerate is used instead of media framerate to determine display timing
+ Video: projects can now specify preferred video width/height/colorspace, resizing options
+ Video: real-time programmable (EEL) effect processors insertable as track and item FX
+ Video: support for AVFoundation video encoding/decoding on OSX 10.7+
+ Windows: fixed color picker potentially appearing offscreen

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 or WINE (x86)(limited support for W98/ME)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x86-x64)

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