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Title: Computer.Music.Rack.Builder.TUTORIAL
Category: Learning
Size: 613.75 MB
Added: July 28, 2015, 12:40 pm
The power to make your own creative tools is hiding just below the surface of most major DAWs, but few have tapped into just how powerful their rack system can be. It might sound complex, but we've made it child's play to build and tweak 18 custom device combos from scratch ûor, if you're not a budding builder, you can download and use them right away.

Over 21 pages with 20 videos, we'll show you how toà

Get started with racks and macros, and what they can do
Use Ableton Live's racks to create devices like GlitchWidget, Dirt Compressor, Multiband Splitter and KitBuilder
Call on Reason's Combinator devices to string together a Master Pumper, a Slice 'n' Mix Rex auditioner, and a step-sequenced live device with Kong
Build Dynamic Wah and Reese Machine devices in Bitwig Studio for instant gratification
Wire together FL Studio's Patcher to create a Skrillex-style Formant Growler and a Boards of Canada-esque pad effect
Use Logic Pro X's Smart Controls and Environment to create a Retroiser channel strip and Vocal Harmonizer

All these devices are available to build yourself or download for immediate use, and as usual, every tutorial comes with a video version, so you can see the devices being snapped together, piece by piece.

PLUS! 70 pro-quality Ableton Live Racks from Puremagnetik. These ready-made instruments and effects from the Rack masters can boost your Live projects to the next level. Find out exactly what's in the pack.


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