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Title: Groove3.Electronic.Music.Producers.Guide.Sidechain.Compression.TUTORIAL
Category: Learning
Size: 445 MB
Added: May 26, 2018, 9:42 am
Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, brings you another series designed for the electronic music producer, this time focused on the highly important technique of creating and using sidechain compression.

Adam welcomes you and gives an overview of what sidechain compression is, and why and when you want to use it. He then covers all the basic controls such as Attack, Release, Threshold, and something Adam likes to call æhold downÆ.

YouÆll then learn fantastic tips and tricks for using and applying sidechain compression such as Ghost Kicks, Clicks, Lookahead Mode, Compression Modes, 3rd Party Compressors and more.

Adam also covers some staple Electronic Music tools such as Xfer LFO Tool, VolumeShaper and others. Wrapping it all up youÆll learn how to utilize manual sidechaining and how to apply sidechaining on a Group or Bus for a huge, grooving sound.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you produce electronic music this series is a must see, as you canÆt get authentic sounding Electronic Music without the use of sidechain compressionà Watch ôElectronic Music ProducerÆs Guide: Sidechain Compressionö today.


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