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Title: Impact.Soundworks.Peak.Rider.2.v2.1.6.WIN
Category: VSTi + Fx
Size: 15.22 MB
Added: March 12, 2019, 6:31 pm
A revolutionary new approach to dynamics processing, now upgraded and more powerful than ever! Peak Rider 2 smoothly detects the dynamics and frequencies of a sidechain signal (external or generated), using it to process the main input in one of 5 ways. From vocal riding to drum shaping, transient design, precision EQ and beyond, the creative possibilities are endless!

Plugin Concept
Peak Rider 2 is a supremely powerful dynamics plugin in VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats. Unlike any other kind of dynamics processor, Peak Rider 2 is like a whole arsenal of FX and mix plugins combined into one, with a totally new approach to handling any kind of audio material.

At its heart, Peak Rider 2 uses three detection modes to analyzes a sidechain signal and creates a smooth, continuous 'envelope' from it. This envelope can be split into stereo or frequency bands, EQed, and used to control your main input with 5 unique processing modes. The sidechain can be anything at all, and PR2 can even generate its own signal using a built-in synth.

Whether PR2 uses boost or attenuation totally depends on the sidechain and input material, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Here are just a few uses:
- Make huge boosts and cuts without affecting volume or loudness
- Use a drum track's own envelope and adjust it, effectively becoming a very powerful multi-band transient designer
- Match the peaks of a rhythmic track to a static synth, creating an all-new part full of life and motion
- Level the volume of an unruly vocal by matching it to a set volume
- Saturate and distort any instrument without losing any dynamics at all
- Seamlessly remove mic bleed from a noisy isolated track

Processing Modes

The classic, core feature of Peak Rider 2. The sidechain dynamics are applied to the main input, with full control over range and envelope.

Similar to Exact, but does not apply any gain. Instead, the plugin only rides the main input downward as needed.

Rides the main input up or down depending on band gain and the ratio of sidechain envelope level to main input level.

Similar to a mastering limiter, with a variable output ceiling based on the sidechain's envelope.

Fully featured, super precise parametric EQ with up to 12 bands that compensates for volume changes!
Additionally, there are three detection algorithms which impact how the envelope is generated and analyzed.

A real-time, fast peak-meter style envelop designed for controlling transient-heavy material.

A real-time smooth envelope designer that is ideal for tonal and elongated material, leaving transients less affected.

A windowed-average envelope generator that uses a variable lookahead, introducing some latency but offering time-accurate detection. This algorithm is very effective on tonal instruments.

What's New In Peak Rider 2?
- Pro Tools compatible AAX and RTAS plugin formats
- EQ mode
- Smoother parameter automation
- Informative GUI metering
- Sidechain input processing (EQ, volume, gain)
- Sidechain signal generator (sine, noise)
- RMS algorithm overhaul
- New presets
- Undo/Redo buttons
- Preset cycling buttons


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