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Title: Native.Instruments.Kontakt.6.2.0.UPDATE.WIN
Category: Updates
Size: 190.15 MB
Added: November 17, 2019, 3:45 pm
What's new 6.2.0 - 2019-11-14

FIXED: Frequent crashes during Batch Resave operations
FIXED: Crashes when saving a tool (nki) after user assigns automation for newly added reverb and delay effects.
FIXED: In some cases, clicks were heard when playing looped samples in Time Machine Pro mode

IMPROVED: Now when saving a tool with missing resources (samples, NKR, etc.), links to missing resources are not deleted from the tool, that is, you can load the tool , ignore the missing samples, save it and reload without data loss.
IMPROVED: Scrolling and animation speed in the Libraries browser tab has been adjusted.

ADDED: three new built-in modulation effects - Choral, Flair and Phasis.
ADDED: New item in the Edit menu of the Mapping Editor. Allows you to manually remove all zones with missing samples (Remove all zones with missing samples)

FIXED KSP: Switches and menus would get stuck in their hover states under certain circumstances
FIXED KSP: In certain cases, when a control was within a panel, its position would be 1 pixel off of what was expected

IMPROVED KSP: purge_group () now returns an async ID, allowing for reliable tracking of the operations completion

ADDED KSP: There is a new type of zone that can be created and is fully accessible from KSP, allowing for dynamic mapping of samples, including end-user ones (set_num_user_zones (), set_sample (), set_zone_par (), set_loop_par () & is_zone_empty ())
ADDED KSP: All zone parameters can now be read from KSP (get_sample (), get_zone_par () & get_loop_par ()); available for both user zones & standard ones
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to detect pitch, RMS, peak level and loudness of any zone (user or standard)
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to detectify based on their audio characteristics (eg, Kick, Snare, Choir, Synth, etc )
ADDED KSP: New UI widget (ui_mouse_area), this first iteration of which allows dropping files from the system to an instrument's UI
ADDED KSP: New command to make handling asynchronous operations more convenient (wait_async ())


1. Install Kontact ( Kontakt 6.1.0 Setup PC.exe )
2. Install the patch using Kontakt_patch_installer_6_2_0.exe


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