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Title: PUREMIX.Carlos.El.Loco.Bedoya.Mixing.Ricardo.Arjona.TUTORiAL
Category: VSTi + Fx
Size: 1.81 GB
Added: August 29, 2018, 7:42 pm
Watch Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya Mix Ricardo Arjona
Carlos El Loco Bedoya has worked with influential artists such as Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Weezer, Enrique Iglesias and Ricardo Arjona.
In this pureMix.net Exclusive, El Loco Bedoya shows you how he created the energetic mix for the Latin pop song, Viaje by Ricardo Arjona.

In this two hour tutorial, El Loco Bedoya shows you how he made performances recorded from contributors all over the world in different spaces sound like they were performed in the same room.

See how Carlos addresses unique instruments like the Campana, Guiro, Conga, Bongos, Chinese Harp, Sitars, and the Cajon by adding tone with EQ, dealing with problematic room tones and how he establishes the connection between what the listener hears, and the space they expect to hear this type of music in.

Once you have seen how Carlos does it, download the stems and apply what you have learned in your own studio.

Equipment & Software
Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst
Cytomic The Glue
H82 Harmonic Maximizer
MOTU Chorus
MOTU De-Esser
MOTU Delay
MOTU Ensemble Chorus
MOTU Masterworks Equalizer
MOTU Masterworks FET-76
MOTU Masterworks Gate
MOTU Masterworks Leveler
MOTU Precision Delay
MOTU Proverb
Sonnox EQ & Filters
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
UAD Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
UAD Ampex ATR-102
UAD Dbx 160
UAD EL7 Fatso
UAD Elysia mpressor
UAD Precision De-Esser
UAD Precision Multiband
UAD SSL Compressor
UAD Studer A800
UAD UA 1176 Rev A
Waves Doubler

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