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Title: Positive.Grid.BIAS.AMP.v2.2.1.1289.64bit.XT.update.new.REV.CE-VR
Category: VSTi + Fx
Size: 292.95 MB
Added: August 3, 2018, 9:21 pm
BIAS AMP 2 is the ultimate virtual amp designer, authentically recreating the tone and feel of real tube amplifiers, while allowing you to mix and match components to create your ideal amp. You can use Amp Match to clone the tone of real hardware or a guitar track, or connect to the ToneCloud® to gain access to thousands of custom amps from artists and recording studios, or upload your own custom tones to the cloud.

BIAS AMP 2 adds two new custom amp packs to your sonic palette. Blues is all about gooey clean to mid-gain amps, and Bass brings amps and speaker cabs just for bass guitars. Add in all of the custom component options, and you have literally thousands of custom amps at your fingertips. There’s nothing else like it!

BIAS AMP 2 represents a revolution in virtual amplifier design, providing the tools to take your ultimate guitar tone with you anywhere, from the studio to the stage and back again.

Positive Grid BIAS AMP 2 Pack v2.2.1.1289 eXTended CE (Win64; AAX*, VST, SAL)

more info @ https://www.positivegrid.com/bias-amp/

just install - and do not need any extra busywork for keygenin, activation, quackin or editin the host-file Wink

Team V.R

allow download preset from ToneCloud (also with Modern Vintage cabinets)
bypassed catalog DRM encryption - now allow manual edit preset catalog file
added over 1500 optimized offline presets

Since the old preset catalog (if exist) will be overwritten, you can manually revert your custom presets by editing the catalog file c:\Users\%CURRENTUSERNAME%\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_Amp2\GlobalPresets\cate.json
But do not add too many unoptimized presets - subj has a restriction on the total volume of PNG images and when it exceeds it does not load Sad
A large number of presets also slow down the feedback of the interface, due to its ugly architecture - java scripts over Chrome web-engine. On the MacOS platform uses systemic web-engine Safari and therefore works a bit faster there

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