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Title: Production.Music.Live.Mastering.from.Start.To.Finish.TUTORiAL
Category: Learning
Size: 823.47 MB
Added: June 5, 2017, 9:00 pm
Complete mastering process, state of the art techniques, theoretical backgrounds and all you need to master your own music.

What you're getting:

Basics of Mastering, Advanced techniques and a complete start-to-finish production course. We are mastering:

- A popular track with all types of plugins explaining the foundations
- A Future Bass track from start to finish with Fab-Filter plugins
- A Techno Track from start to finish with all types of plugins
- Various tracks using Ableton stock plugins only.

45+ Studio sessions with Francois / Production Music Live

5h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access

Bonus Videos:

- Mastering a Melodic Techno Track with Ableton stock effects
- Mastering a Pop Chainsmoking Style Track with Ableton stock effects
- Mastering an EDM Track with Ableton stock effects

What you will learn from this course:

Basics of Mastering and Mastering different styles with different tools

After having taken this class, you'll have seen a complete mastering process first hand in several different styles, executed with different tools: Waves plugins, Fab-Filter Plugins, Izotope Ozone Plugins and Ableton Live stock effects. We are starting with the basics and working through all the different important stages of the mastering process.

What's required?

- Basic understanding of music production and an interest in finalizing your track in the mastering stage.
- If you'd like to use the bonus course files, Ableton Live 9.7 Standard would be needed. But you can follow the course being a user of any other DAW.
- Optional: If you would like to redo everything by yourself, a DAW such as Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, etc. is needed as well as the mastering plugins by Fab Filter, Izotope Ozone and Waves.

What songs are being mastered in the course?

The course will take you through:

Complete Mastering process for your own music
Avoid common mastering errors and psycho-acoustic traps
Preparing your Mixdown
Covering Theoretical Backgrounds
Compression Techniques
EQing Techniques
Properly treat your bass frequencies
Mastering with Ableton stock plugins
Mastering with 3rd party plugins
Master the essentials and theories of sound perception

Intro and Basics
I - Welcome & Downloading Files
II - What is Mastering? (1:44)
III - Setting up a Mastering Template (5:01)
IV - Reference (1:30)

Theoretical Background and Mastering First Track
1 - Equalizer: Low Cut (3:37)
2 - Equalizer: Balance (4:26)
3 - Equalizer: Matching EQ (4:25)
Room & Speakers (2:38)
4 - Equalizer: Matching EQ Part 2 (3:00)
5 - Equalizer - EQing the Track Part 1 (9:42)
6 - Equalizer - EQing the Track Part 2 (7:22)
7 - Multiband Compression (16:50)
Metering - Decibel (1:55)
Metering - RMS (3:25)
8 - Compression (14:48)
9 - Limiter (6:06)
10 - Metering (9:01)
11 - Stereo Imaging (9:14)
12 - Final Touches EQ (6:16)
13 - Optional Maximizer (3:52)
Exporting Dithering (3:13)
Metering - Fletcher Munson Curve (1:33)
Metering - LUFS (1:35)
Metering - Spotify & Other Services (4:19)
Mastering Chain Blueprint (2:31)

Mastering a Techno Track with a Variety of Plugins
1 - Dynamic EQ
2 - Mid-Side EQ
3 - Matching EQ
4 - Tonal EQ
5 - Catching Peaks Compression
6 - Multiband Compression
7 - Add Punch Compression
8 - Exciter and Imager
9 - Limiting and Final Touch

Mastering a Future Bass Track with Fab Filter Plugins
1 - Low Cut (3:11)
2 - Matching EQ (7:09)
3 - Catch Peaks (3:35)
4 - Multiband Compression (7:46)
5 - Add Punch Compressor (3:50)
6 - Add Sustain Compressor (3:54)
7 - Saturation & Reverb Experiments (4:55)
8 - Limiting (7:23)
9 - Final Touches (1:01)

Bonus Sessions: Mastering Tracks with Ableton stock effects
Bonus Session: Mastering a POP Track Ableton-only (complete) (17:16)
Bonus Session: Mastering Techno Track Ableton-only (complete) (21:05)
Bonus Session: Mastering an EDM Track Ableton-only (complete) (20:12)

Bonus: Additional Resources
How The Compressor Works (1) - Basics (14:25)
How The Compressor Works (2) - Snare Example (10:00)
How The Compressor Works (3) - Loop Example (8:50)
How The Compressor Works (4) - Different Compressor Types (5:13)
Fletcher Munson Curve (finding a good listening volume) (3:29)
Exporting (Dithering, Sample Rate, File Type) (7:56)


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