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Title: Prosonic.Studios-Midi.Arpegio.Series-Major&Minor.Arpeggio.9-15
Category: Presets
Size: 107.29 MB
Added: March 5, 2018, 2:24 pm
950,000 arpeggio patterns Contains 4-bar Loops:

151,998 4-Chord Major Arpeggios
471,244 8-Chord Major Arpeggios
81,605 4-Chord Minor Arpeggios
252,763 8-Chord Minor Arpeggios

This isn't like one of those old "arpeggio dictionaries" in a paper book...
It's a full-blown MIDI library that's over-flowing with thousands of professional, four-bar arpeggios!

You'd have to purchase hundreds of "arpeggio dictionary" books to even come close to the content on this CD, and since they're all in MIDI, you can hear the Arpeggio instantly with any MIDI instrument you have. No paper book could ever do that!

This CD is like having a WHOLE LIBRARY of "arpeggio dictionaries" and you can use the Arpeggios in your own music royalty-free!

Each Arpeggio is carefully crafted to follow correct harmony & voice leading rules and the result is amazing! Every inversion is included and each arpeggio is notated with MIDI marker events so that you know exactly what harmony is voiced at each spot in the sequence! (see images below)

I've experienced instant inspiration and song writing has never been easier. Each MIDI Arpeggio is like a creative launch-pad for your creative ideas and the 'next part' in the song just leaps out at you! Begging you to take it to the next section!

If you perform an instrument these patterns are an invaluable tool for learning arpeggios. I play guitar and these have instantly made me a better player.

There are over 948,000 four-bar diatonic and non-diatonic arpeggios in this library [and they all sound as good as the demos] so be ready to stretch your sonic imagination beyond the limits!

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