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Title: Rigid.Audio.Granulat.v1.1.KONTAKT
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 281.73 MB
Added: June 25, 2018, 3:46 pm
GRANULAT is our newest tool for cinematic sound design and rich, moving textures. It works by playing hundreds of small grains of audio and then shifting these in the sample range left or right.

You can use the modwheel to alter that shift amount or use any of the 9 tables to quickly add complex movement to the built-in sounds.

The great thing about this technique is that you can freeze a sound at any position in the waveform. This also allows for great manual noise and FX sweeps where you can determine the speed of the transition.

GRANULAT comes with 250 cinematic instruments, ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells to acoustic bell-like textures and vocal atmospheres.

What you get:

- 250 cinematic instruments

Each instrument has the modwheel pre-mapped to certain parameters. Most of the time you will be able to control the offset (shift) of the grainÆs position.

The instruments are divided into the following categories:

Bowed (18 instruments)
Drone (11 instruments)
Guitar (13 instruments)
Hybrid (32 instruments)
Pad (29 instruments)
Piano (11 instruments)
Rhythmic (18 instruments)
Sweep (26 instruments)
Texture (72 instruments)
Vocal (21 instruments)

GRANULAT is absolutely lightweight on your machineÆs resources. Its CPU hit is moderate and the loading of instruments is very fast.

Note that the CPU usage heavily depends on the amount of voices (grains) played at the same time. This varies from instrument to instrument and is controlled by the ôSIZEö knob.

GRANULAT also features nine independently running sequencers and a basic FX section with reverb, delay and flanger. There is also a modulatable filter included that can be switched from lowpass to notch mode. This results in great phaser-like effects.

The sequencers in GRANULAT do always run and can instantly add motion to your sounds. If you donÆt want to utilize the sequencers to control a certain parameter, simply use the knob on top of them to set a certain parameter to a chosen value - this will ôeraseö the sequencer and set all steps to the value of the knob.

Low CPU and ultra low memory hit
Fully automatable
Instantly useable and inspiring sounds right at your fingertips
100% royalty free


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