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Title: Skillshare.Piano.Pentatonics.and.Blues.Scale.2.Minor.Pentatonics.TUTORIAL
Category: Misc
Size: 639.55 MB
Added: June 25, 2018, 3:46 pm
Do you know that Pentatonic Scales are key to imrovisation in Blues and Rock?n Roll?

This class is the number 2 in a series of classes dedicated to learn how to play Pentatonic and Blues Scales.

This volumen is dedicated to learn: Minor Pentatonics.

Even that this class is not about how to improvise, is a fact that knowing these scales WILL help you to know what to play when you start improvising, it will give you RESOURCES.

Through 100% practical videos you will learn:

All the 12 minor pentatonic scales.
The correct fingering.
The notes of each scale.
Tips on how to play them with a good technique.
Downloadable PDF.
Each video has the notes in the upper part of it so you can follow the notes and fingering while the instructor is showing how to do it.

Enroll in this class today and enhance your piano technique and get ready to play Pentatonic scales.


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