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Title: Stylus.RMX.Data.Installer.1.7.UPDATE.WIN.MAC
Category: Updates
Size: 30.4 MB
Added: January 31, 2018, 8:11 pm
New Feature: Time Designer

ò Groundbreaking ability to rearrange audio loops in RMX into different time signatures in real-time!

ò Create instant Pattern Variations for any groove, with smart algorithms based on musical rules

ò Groove LockÖ any RMX groove to another RMX grooveÆs feel

ò Groove LockÖ to external MIDI files

ò æSimplifyÆ control alters the pattern complexity of any groove

ò Strengthen or Loosen the feel of any groove.

ò Browse core library in real-time with any time signature, feel or variation you need

ò Time Shift can rush, drag or offset the groove in milliseconds or rhythmic values

ò Grid Quantize and Swing controls

ò Factory Groove Lock templates library includes legendary Akai MPC, SP-1200, TR-808/909, Latin, Blues, New Orleans, Breakbeat, Jazz feels

ò Make your own library of Time Designer Presets with your own REX or MIDI Files.

ò Time Designer works with Third Party and User REX/RMX libraries too

ò Greatly expands creative potential of any RMX userÆs existing library, with unlimited useful variations

ò New online Time Designer video tutorials show production techniques with the new features
New Feature: Custom Suite Management
ò New Edit Buffer suite that acts as a temporary work area for editing and managing Custom Suites and Groove Menus.

ò Edit Buffer suite is saved with the host session for later recall.

ò Elements can be renamed, reordered and deleted.

ò Favorite Elements can be added to any Custom Suite by right-clicking on the "Add" button.
New FX Units from Omnisphere Included
ò Formant Filter: Adds characteristics of the human vocal tract by chaining a narrow set of bandpass filters, set at specific frequencies, which reflect the formants of the human voice.

ò Smoke Amp: An amp/speaker simulator with a full set of amplifier controls, speaker combinations and modeled versions of several classic guitar amplifiers.

ò Ultra Chorus: A 'lushÆ custom chorus, with a very dense, rich character compared with standard Chorus units.

ò Retro-Phaser: A vibey sounding vintage Phaser, with more features than the EZ-Phaser and a dedicated page for tone shaping.

ò Retro-Flanger: A vibey sounding vintage Flanger, with more features than the original Flanger and a dedicated page for tone shaping.

ò Chorus Echo: Inspired by the classic Roland Chorus-Echo units from the 1970s, this unit combines both analog-style delay and chorusing, but includes new features, like stereo width control and a dedicated æDirtÆ control for a more gritty sound.
ò Host Sync: The Host Sync Button enables RMX to sync with the transport controls in the host. When the Play button is activated in the host, all Host Synced Parts in RMX will also begin playing. The song position of the host is also synchronized to RMX when Host Sync is enabled.

ò Groove Menu Mode Keyboard Display: In the Browser, when setting a Part to Groove Menu Mode, a keyboard display will show up next to the elements in the Suite.

ò Making a selection in the Trigger Mode menu now sets the mode for all parts. To change the Trigger Mode just for the current Part, hold the Option/Alt key while selecting the desired Mode.

ò Buzz Attenuation: New Chaos Page switch lowers the volume of the Buzz effect.

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