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Title: SuperMegaUltraGroovy.Capo.3.v3.5.8.MacOSX
Category: Audioapps
Size: 34.59 MB
Added: April 4, 2018, 3:00 pm
Reverse Engineering Rock 'n' Roll
Capo uses advanced signal processing and machine learning technology to help you learn songs by ear quickly. Its powerful, simple-to-use tools allow you to dig deep into the details of a recording so you can learn to play songs more accurately, and in less time.

Bug Fixes:

ò Custom-applied chord shapes that were saved using previous releases should once again appear as they were savedùsorry for the trouble!

Important Note:

By fixing the issue above, chord shapes that were edited and saved in the 3.5.7 update will not appear in 3.5.8 when you re-load the project. Furthermore, adjusted chord shapes in a project that had both a pitch adjustment and transposition applied (e.g. +1.56 semitones)ùregardless of the version of Capoùthose chord shapes must all be re-adjusted. We apologize for this inconvenience, and are working on making changes to eliminate this sort of flakiness in future updates.

We love hearing from our customers, so please leave a review on the App Store to share your positive experiences with others, or send us a support email if you have any questions for us. We're listening, and appreciate all your bug reports and feedback!


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