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Truefire - Guitar Lab Diminished Moves Vol.2

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Title: Truefire - Guitar Lab Diminished Moves Vol.2
Category: Learning
Size: 640 MB
Added: September 10, 2018, 6:15 pm
In this second volume of Guitar Lab: Diminished Moves, you will be presented with various scales which allow for chord extensions. Diminished 7 chords resolving to major family chords will be introduced as well as the eight note diminished scales and typical progressions utilizing the dim 7 chord. As in Vol. 1, emphasis will be placed upon effective and musical voice leading whenever changing chords in a progression.

12 Total Video Lessons:

-Guitar Lab: Diminished Moves Vol. 2 Introduction
-The Phrygian Dominant Scale Application
-Minor Chord Options Scales and Voicings
-Dim 7 to Maj 7 Moves Voicings
-Dim 7 to Maj 9 Moves Voicings
-Dim 7 to (Maj) 6 Moves Voicings
-Dim 7 to (Maj) 6/9 Moves Voicings
-Dim 7 to Maj 7/6 Moves Voicings
-Dim 7 to Maj 13 Moves Voicings
-The Whole-Half Diminished Scale Application
-biii Dim 7 to ii7 Application
-bii Dim 7 to ii7 Application

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