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Truefire - Guitar Lab How To Build Chord Progressions DATA.MP4

Title: Truefire - Guitar Lab How To Build Chord Progressions DATA.MP4
Category: Learning
Size: 1.31 GB
Added: September 3, 2018, 11:53 am
Brad Carlton's Guitar Lab: How to Build Chord Progressions

Intensive Examination of Chord Progression Construction

This course is designed for the absolute beginner as well as intermediate players studying diatonic chord progressions.

You'll be encouraged to be a creative, experimenting with different grooves, tempos, and rhythmic patterns. For the more advanced player, the options offered by viewing the heptatonic arpeggios of the prevailing chord will reveal the available chord extensions, thus enhancing the sonorities in each progression.

24 Total Video Lessons:
- How To Build Chord Progressions Introduction

- Diatonic Harmony Pt. 1 Theory

- Diatonic Harmony Pt. 2 Bassline Fingerboard Layout

- Diatonic Harmony Pt. 3 Power Chords

- Diatonic Harmony Pt. 4 Major and Minor Chords

- I ii Progression

- I iii Progression

- I vi Progression

- I V Progression

- I IV Progression

- ii I Progression

- ii iii Progression

- ii IV Progression

- ii V Progression

- ii vi Progression

- IV V Progression

- IV vi Progression

- I IV V Progression

- I vi IV V Progression

- I vi ii V Progression

- vi IV I V Progression

- IV V I vi Progression

- vi IV V Variations

- Common Non-Diatonic Chords
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