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Title: Truefire.Robbie.Calvos.30.Modal.Progressions.2015.TUTORIAL
Category: Learning
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Added: October 6, 2015, 5:40 pm
A chord progression is a series of chords that are constructed from scale degrees (usually Major and Minor scales), and then played in succession, usually repeated over and over again throughout a song. Chord progressions have tonal centers and can be thought of as ÆmodalÆ in nature.

Most guitar players think æjazzÆ when they hear the word æmodalÆ but in fact, every style of music uses chord progressions with tonal centers and modality. In Robbie CalvoÆs 30 Modal Progressions You Must Know, youÆll learn how to play rhythm guitar parts for 30 contemporary modal progressions across a variety of styles, tempos and tonal centers.

öModal chord progressions can be created using dyads, triads, sevenths and extensions so the complexity of the harmonic structure doesn't take away from the overall tonal center. However, if you're looking to create rich, layered melodies targeting the characteristic notes for each mode, you'll definitely want to choose your voicings carefully. IÆll show you how to do that in 30 Modal Progressions You Must Know.ö

Robbie organized the course into the seven Major Scale Mode categories. YouÆll learn to play 4 Ionian progressions, 5 Dorian progressions, 4 Phrygian progressions, 4 Lydian progressions, 5 Mixolydian progressions, 4 Aeolian progressions and 2 Locrian progressions. Robbie also shares insight for 2 R&B modalities.

Play your way through the course and youÆll walk away with a fresh and engaging arsenal of progressions to call out at the next jam. The big takeaway from working with this course is the knowledge-base and understanding youÆll have for crafting your own modal progressions ù youÆll never be stuck again trying to find that perfect chord progression for the verse or chorus sections of you're original music.

"I've put this course together to give you some examples of modal chord progressions within the major scale modes, encouraging you to study, play and use each one as a foundation for your own creativity. Ultimately, I'd like you to have the skills to create your own progressions for songwriting, jamming, and improvising."

Robbie demonstrate each progression several times and then breaks them down chord-by-chord. He also gives you tips for improvising and soling over the progressions. Double bang for the buck!

Each modal progression is tabbed and notated for study reference and you'll also have thirty bass and drum tracks to work with on your own. Practice the parts Robbie demonstrates and then craft your own rhythm guitar parts. over. Robbie also generously provides the tracks his rhythm guitar parts included so you can jam your modal licks over them too.

You'll find that this course also works seamlessly with RobbieÆs other modal courses: Modal Expose, Modal Architect and 50 Modal Licks You Must Know.

Grab your guitar and letÆs get modal with Robbie Calvo!

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