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Title: Truefire.Sean.McGowans.Walking.Bass.&.Comping.for.Jazz.Guitar.2017.TUTORIAL
Category: Learning
Size: 1.46 GB
Added: July 11, 2018, 2:06 pm
Walking bass lines and jazz comping techniques provide guitarists with a sophisticated and orchestral approach to playing solo guitar and accompanying others in any situation where thereÆs no bassist. Sean McGowan offers an intuitive, and very effective approach to learning these skills in his second TrueFire course, Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar.

öIn this course, weÆll explore a variety of formats including 12-Bar Blues, Rhythm Changes, and jazz standard progressions. WeÆll start by building a walking bass line through the changes and then gradually add in chord voicings, just as you would in a real-time performance situation."

Sean will guide you through 10 performance studies where youÆll explore substitutions, triplets, and other rhythmic devices to add momentum. YouÆll work with a variety chord forms, 2-5-1 and cycle-four progressions incorporating pedal tones and cluster voicings, big band voicings, shout rhythms and many other aspects of this exciting technique.

Sean starts the course with a primer covering essential left and right-hand techniques you'll need to develop before playing multiple parts in time. These exercises will help you develop independence between the bass and chord parts, achieve different articulations, and build a solid swing time feel. The exercises start out very simply by using the thumb and then add chord voicings and rhythms with a "claw" technique, which gradually increase in difficulty and syncopation.

Sean will then perform the following ten etudes and then break them down note-for-note explaining all of the key techniques and approaches along the way. You will develop your own Walking Bass & Comping technique by playing your way through the course.


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