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Title: Udemy.Mixing.&.Mastering.Electronic.Dance.Music.TUTORIAL
Category: Sample Libraries
Size: 7.82 GB
Added: February 23, 2018, 12:25 pm
Learn how to professionally mix and master any style of electronic dance music using any plugins or DAW.

EDM mixing and mastering made simple and easy to understand. Learn how to professionally mix and master your tracks, boost your confidence in your production skills, and get the sound you've always wanted.

Rarely does a mixing and mastering course come along that takes you through every step, every plugin, and every thought that goes into producing a professional quality EDM track.

ThatÆs exactly what this course does. ItÆs packed with hours of the best, most up-to-date techniques needed to mix and master an electronic dance music track from start to finish. This course uses both native (meaning, included with DAWs) and third-party plugins, but it does not matter which DAW you use or which plugins you have. With the skills and techniques taught in this course, youÆll transform your rough or unmixed project into a polished master ready for release.

You'll understand WHY and HOW things are done with detailed explanations that will not leave you confused or frustrated. Extra care was taken to make sure things are kept simple, easy to understand and focused on your workflow and getting things done.

Things youÆll learn in this course include:

- Project and arrangement setup
- Mix buss processing
- Send/return channel setup
- Vocal tuning and mixing
- Automation and creative mixing techniques
- Parallel compression and processing
- Advanced EQ, compression, reverb, and delay techniques
- Professional mastering techniques

much much moreà

Producers of any genre of electronic dance music (EDM) will find this course unlike any other. The mixing and mastering process is broken down and explained in full detail without being overwhelming û or boring.


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