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Title: Udemy.Music.Theory.Guitar.and.Ear.Training.TUTORIAL
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Added: April 4, 2018, 3:00 pm
Learn music theory, guitar and ear training while developing your intuitive musical "body knowledge"!

This course combines music theory for guitar with in-depth explanations of harmony, melody and rhythm. You'll learn how these concepts relate to playing (and understanding) music by ear.

Finally, you can develop your musicianship beyond academics and technique. You'll discover how philosophy, intuition and emotion play an essential role in your music. Plus, learn to recognize chords with Ear Training.

Learn intuitively from graphically enhanced lectures
Understand how to ôgrooveö
Hear and recognize ôtensionö and ôresolutionö chords by ear
Discover and understand common chord progressions
ThereÆs more to music than just academics and technique. Learn music theory guitar skills.

Finally, you can learn music theory for the guitar through convenient, refreshing and engaging lessons. Whether youÆre a beginner, adult student, a regular performer or aspiring song-writer, you can learn how to go beyond scales and chords into the realm of self-expression. You'll develop a holistic understanding of music through 37 face-to-face video lessons. You'll quickly begin developing an understanding that you can build on and grow with for the rest of your life!

Content and Overview

This course is ideal for beginner, adult students and intermediate guitarists. IÆve thoughtfully prepared 37 clear, concise lectures. Each section explains a specific element in music by focusing on music theory and ear training - in the context of the guitar. This course focuses on useful topics that will teach you a holistic approach to music (including ear training). YouÆll begin with in-depth lectures that cover all of the essential information about harmony and melody that you'll ever need. Many lectures include hands-on activities and exercises designed to apply the skills you'll be learning.

Throughout this course, youÆll discover the power of your intellect to learn new material, while also leveraging the flexibility of your intuition to understand concepts like groove, tension and resolution.

The later sections of the course explain Rhythm, The Blues and Ear Training. YouÆll learn how to play guitar, following chord diagrams, guitar tab and music notation. YouÆll understand why and how hit songs often contain the same chords. YouÆll also learn how to use your ears to learn new music quickly and accurately.

As a performing musician and private instructor with over 12 years of professional experience, my methods not only explain how music fundamentals work logically, but also demonstrate the interconnected relationships that are essential to understand if you want to play music by ear and from the heart.


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