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Title: Udemy.Percussive.Fingerstyle.on.Acoustic.Bass.TUTORiAL
Category: Learning
Size: 1.72 GB
Added: August 26, 2018, 2:41 pm
Hi, I'm Dmitry Lisenko, and welcome to my new Foundry course, Percussive Acoustic Bass. This course is an introduction to the wonderful world of percussive bass guitar!

By understanding the core concepts, you'll be able to replace whole rhythm section in acoustic concerts, acting as a bass player and drummer at the same time. Also, it's an incredible way of exploring your bass at home, for solo playing, covering songs arrangements, and just for the joy of playing! It will open a whole new dimension in your composing and change your understanding of the rhythm section.

All exercises and information given here is to demonstrate the most common approaches and techniques used in percussive style acoustic bass. It's the first step in discovering rhythm section abilities for bass players.

This video course will be beneficial for musicians of any level, starting from complete beginners to most advanced players. You'll need an acoustic bass to fully benefit from the course, but many techniques and tips can be applied on electric bass. I'm sure after watching few videos you will want to get an acoustic bass for yourself. It's also very handy for practicing at home, as you don't need any amplification.

At the moment of creating this video, such course is a first of it's kind for bass players. You've found very unique school with a fresh and innovative approach. Welcome to the world of percussive bass!

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