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Title: Udemy.com.4.Week.Rhythm.Mastery.TUTORIAL
Category: VSTi + Fx
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Added: May 14, 2018, 3:01 am
The quick, easy way to master rhythm

Rhythm is the way that music is spread out over time. It's about know when to play and when not to play. It's about getting into the groove, understanding the groove, and creating your own groove. Mastery of rhythm will add nuance to your playing, allowing you greater expressiveness and creativity in your music.

Learn to feel the groove and pulse of music
Understand how to hear time passing
Learn the theory and notation of rhythm
Apply these techniques to any instrument
Play easily with both hands
Connect the world of theory of the groove that you can feel
Master Rhythm With This Quick 28-Part Course

Rhythm is within all of us. From the beating of our hearts, to the way we arrange our lives, everything can be laid out regularly against time. The regular dividing of events up against time is everywhere in this day and age, and these sames ideas are used in music. Rhythm defines how sounds can change and interact over time. It allows music to tell stories, express complicated ideas or connect us in dance.

This course covers to basic ability to hear the passage of time and teaches the theory to understand the passing of time. It teaches you how to connect what we can feel - the beat - with what we can understand - the theory.

We begin with a simple exercise from developing your ability to feel the groove. This exercise is repeated a few times over the course, and you can do it everyday if you like. We also cover the theory so that you can knowing when to play, and when not to play.

You will examine the way that rhythms are written down, understanding the notation, how that connects to the idea of counting and finally line that up to the pulse.

I will also allow you to understand that all complicated rhythms can be broken down to what I call the two fundamental rhythms. All rhythm is derived from the pulse and the two fundamental rhythms. These are easy to understand and even easier to do. Once you understand the basic idea that underpins all rhythms you can go on to master any rhythm.

This course has 28 episodes and is designed for you to take one lesson each day for four weeks. This gives enough time each lesson to be absorbed. You won't move too fast or too slowly.

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