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Title: Udemy.com.Intermediate.to.Advanced.Piano.Course.Become.a.Top.Pianist.TUTORIAL
Category: Sheet Music
Size: 9.32 GB
Added: January 20, 2018, 11:07 am
Piano lessons that teach about extended piano Chords like 9th, 11th & 13th Chords, Chord Voicings,Progressions & More!

With more than 20 hours of Content, this Piano Course is a Course that teaches Intermediate and advanced topics. The purpose of the first section of this course is to go over the basics, the fundamentals and the things that you should already know as an intermediate or an advanced player. The other sections of this course consists of intermediate and advanced content. The first section of this course is designed to refresh your minds and to make sure that you haven't forgotten certain things that you should know as an intermediate or an advanced player.

Although this course is not completely ideal for an absolute beginner, an absolute beginner can still take this course because I do go over certain basic things that intermediate and advanced piano players should know in the first section of the course. This course can also be seen as a part 2 of one of my other courses that is called "How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro". The "How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro" is more ideal for Beginners because it takes you from a Beginner to an advanced level on the Piano. This current course that you're looking at can be seen as a part 2 of the previously mentioned course; hence this course is more suitable for Intermediate and advanced players than it is for an absolute beginner.

This course is part of my 7-Part Series Music Courses which include the following courses:

"How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro" Course
"Intermediate to Advanced Piano Course; Become a Top Pianist" Course
"How to create unique/colourful Piano Chord Progressions" Course
"Learn to Read & Write Music to play Piano & more instruments" Course
"How to compose Beautiful & Catchy Melodies on the Piano" Course
"How to use Slash Chords to create unique sounds & Basslines" Course
"Train your ears to recognise Scale Degrees & a Song's Key" Course
This Course features a great variety of different topics on playing the piano. In this course, you will learn about different types of extended chords like 9th Chords, 11th Chords and 13th Chords. You will learn about the different types of Chord Voicings that you can use to play these Chords. You will learn about Major, Minor, Dominant and other types of extended Chords. Moreover, you will learn about open and closed Chord Voicings. Furthermore, you will also learn about Chord Progressions, Scales and other things.


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