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17.02.19LVC-Audio Toned-MAX v2 0 0 MacOSX-DDP5.88 MBLearning
17.02.19Faber Acoustical Electroacoustics Toolbox v3 9 1 MacOSX-DDP12.78 MBUpdates
10.02.19Plugin Alliance Dmitry Sches THORN v1 2 0 MacOSX-DDP179.26 MBLearning
08.02.19Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Sandman PRO v1 1 1 MacOSX-DDP22.57 MBSample Libraries
29.01.19Unfiltered Audio Zip v1 0 1 MacOSX-DDP41.56 MBSample Libraries
29.01.19Arturia Solina V v2 3 1 MacOSX-DDP269.98 MBAudioapps
29.01.19Arturia JUP-8V v3 3 1 MacOSX-DDP<...211.71 MBAudioapps
27.01.19Arturia Matrix-12 V v2 3 2 MacOSX-DDP209.64 MBSample Libraries
27.01.19Arturia Synclavier V v2 0 2 MacOSX-DDP558.97 MBSample Libraries
06.12.18Max Richter - Sleep at Sydney Opera House GBMisc
15.11.18Roni Music Amazing Slow Downer v4 0 4 Ked MAC-DDP5.47 MBLearning
03.07.18HOFA-Plugins HOFA DDP Player Maker v2 0 2 Incl Patched 20.8 MBAudioapps
03.07.18HOFA-Plugins HOFA CD-Burn DDP Master v2 0 4 Incl Patched <...22.49 MBAudioapps
13.06.18Cockos REAPER v5 91 64 Bit Ked MAC-DDP18.19 MBAudioapps
13.06.18iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay v1 01b Ked MAC-DDP22.59 MBAudioapps
18.05.18n-Track Studio Suite v9 0 0 Ked MAC-DDP103.12 MBAudioapps
07.01.18Sonoris DDP Creator 4 Pro v4 0 3 Incl Pat...16.86 MBVSTi + Fx
07.01.18Sonoris DDP Creator 4 Pro v4 0 3 MacOSX I...16.64 MBSample Libraries
06.01.18HOFA-Plugins HOFA DDP Player Maker v2 0 1 Incl Patched 21.02 MBAudioapps
06.01.18HOFA-Plugins HOFA CD-Burn DDP Master v2 0 1 Incl Patched <...22.65 MBAudioapps
20.10.16Francesco Guadalupi Wake up! I numi tutel...2.52 MBLearning
21.06.16HOFA CD-Burn & DDP v1 6 10 CE-V R17.38 MBVSTi + Fx
27.04.15Sonoris DDP Creator Pro v3 1 4 0 MacOSX I...9.16 MBMAC
27.04.15Sonoris DDP Creator Pro v3 1 4 0 Incl Pat...16.53 MBVSTi + Fx

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