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20.01.18Dinma Dope Drums Samples X WAV253.61 MBSample Libraries
19.01.18Incognet.Drums.Edition.WAV.MiDi505.66 MBSample Libraries
19.01.18Aubitsound Ultrallenium Drums and FX WAV37 MBSample Libraries
05.01.18XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 v2 1 7 MAC24.56 MBSample Libraries
02.01.18Zynaptiq UNMIX DRUMS v1 0 3 HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R20.32 MBVSTi + Fx
02.01.18XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Complete v2 1 7 Incl Keygen HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R9.35 GBVSTi + Fx
30.12.17Producer Loops Killer House and EDM Drums Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT811.18 MBSample Libraries
30.12.17Producer Loops Killer House and EDM Drums Vol 2 MULTiFORMAT963.66 MBSample Libraries
06.12.17Groove3 Producing Drums with Superior Drummer 3 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE879.69 MBLearning
01.12.17Splice Sounds Decap Drums That Knock Vol 5 WAV305.17 MBSample Libraries
01.12.17Cymatics Boombox Drums for Trap WAV66.63 MBSample Libraries
22.11.17Cymatics Shuffle Drums for House WAV60.5 MBSample Libraries
22.11.17Dougles Fitch Rare Drums and One-Shots WAV293.41 MBSample Libraries
12.11.17FXpansion.BFD.Sleishman.Drums-V.R1.11 GBSample Libraries
08.11.17FXpansion.BFD.Marching.Drums-V.R3.95 GBSample Libraries
30.10.17Life And Death Raw And Dirty Hip Hop Drums WAV16.05 MBSample Libraries
29.10.17The Loop Loft Omar Hakim Drums v1 0 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE2.85 GBPresets
26.10.17Dinma Dope Drums Samples IX WAV171.22 MBSample Libraries
23.10.17Alfred com Teach Yourself To Play Drums by Patrick Wilson PDF MP3143.01 MBLearning
19.10.17Cinetools.Hell.Drums.WAV.DVDR-DISCOVER2.35 GBSample Libraries
18.10.17Screwaholic School of Hard Drums Vol 2 WAV72.19 MBSample Libraries
18.10.17Worship Tutorials Pads 6 Shimmer Pads MP3649.63 MBAudioapps
17.10.17Udemy com Drums for Beginners TUTORIAL780.34 MBMisc
15.10.17MSXII Sound Lo-Fly Drums 3 WAV8.72 MBSample Libraries
10.10.17The Metal Factory Drums Cabinets Bundle15.89 MBSample Libraries
10.10.17Udemy Learn To Play The Drums Without A Drum Kit TUTORIAL1.18 GBMisc
09.10.17Joey Sturgis Miles McPherson Drums Repack KONTAKT4.59 GBSample Libraries
09.10.17FaderPro Drums Masterclass with Ben Remember TUTORiAL-DECiBEL1.8 GBLearning
09.10.17Joey Sturgis Miles McPherson Drums KONTAKT5.69 GBSample Libraries
05.10.17ModernProducers.XO.Drums.WAV32.82 MBSample Libraries
24.09.17Scarebeatz Drums Vol 5 WAV Ni MASCHINE481.26 MBSample Libraries
15.09.17Worship Tutorials Pads 2 Atmospheric Pads MP3658.16 MBAudioapps
10.09.17Platinumloops Ultra Metal Drums Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT304.69 MBSample Libraries
09.09.17Loopmasters.Jay-J's.Drums.WAV251.32 MBSample Libraries
08.09.17Flatpack Electronik Drums v9 1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE71.4 MBPresets
08.09.17Groove3 Into The Lair Dave On Drums TUTORIAL1.21 GBLearning
07.09.17Ask Video Elektron 105 Digitakt Drums Explored TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE684.06 MBLearning
01.09.17Ask Video Dance Music Sound Design 304 Drums Advanced TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE110.26 MBLearning
29.08.17XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 V2 1 5 to 2 1 6 WIN174.28 MBVSTi + Fx
23.08.17Skillshare Programing Drums with Garage Band Logic Pro Xs Drummer Part 1 TU...325.69 MBLearning
21.08.17Black Octopus Sound ARTFX Neurofunk Drums WAV524.32 MBSample Libraries
21.08.17Skillshare TOOLBOX Music Production & Sound Design TUTORIALS275.11 MBLearning
18.08.17Sample Magic Pumping Techno Drums MULTiFORMAT3.08 GBSample Libraries
10.08.17MSXII Sound Design Lo-Fly Drums Vol 2 WAV-DISCOVER16.42 MBSample Libraries
10.08.17MSXII Sound Design Retro Drums 3 WAV ABLETON LiVE NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASCHi...24.26 MBSample Libraries
05.08.17Samplephonics 56 Resampled Live Drums MULTiFORMAT3.09 MBSample Libraries
03.08.17Loopmasters Papa Records House and Deep House Drums and FX MULTiFORMAT284.94 MBSample Libraries
02.08.17Zero-G.Total.Bass.Drums.MULTiFORMAT-MASCHiNE1.43 GBSample Libraries
28.07.17SkillShare Drums Fills 101 The Elements of Rock and Metal Fills TUTORiAL529.3 MBLearning
23.07.17The Loop Loft Dry Drums Vol 5 MULTiFORMAT1.36 GBSample Libraries

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