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25.04.19AT Beatz Ateology Drumkit + Samples WAV71.68 MBSample Libraries
25.04.19Certified Audio LLC Money Drip Loop Kit WAV102.83 MBSample Libraries
25.04.19Prototype Samples Bouncepedia Vol 3 WAV MIDI Spire Sylenth1 & Serum Presets816.03 MBSample Libraries
23.04.19Kryptic.Samples.2FRESH.WAV.MIDI-DECiBEL175.8 MBSample Libraries
23.04.19Kryptic Samples Lo-Fi Empire Vol 3 WAV MIDI-DECiBEL861.4 MBSample Libraries
23.04.19Kryptic Samples Synthwave X Trap WAV MIDI-DECiBEL1.92 GBSample Libraries
23.04.19Udemy Music Production Designing Audio Logos TUTORIAL194.59 MBSample Libraries
21.04.19Engineering Samples RED House Party WAV395.05 MBSample Libraries
21.04.19Lynda Learning Web Audio and Video-XQZT253.19 MBLearning
21.04.19Hall Samples Trap City Vol 4 WAV80.69 MBSample Libraries
21.04.19Exponential Audio Excalibur v5 0 0-R2R15.34 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio Nimbus v3 0 0-R2R25.89 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb v6 0 0-R2R16.13 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio R2 Surround v4 0 0-R2R14.42 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio R2 v6 0 0-R2R16.64 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio R4 v3 0 0-R2R23.9 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio Stratus 3D v3 0 0-R2R31.05 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio Stratus v3 0 0-R2R32.19 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio Symphony 3D v3 0 0-R2R30.91 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Exponential Audio Symphony v3 0 0-R2R32.08 MBVSTi + Fx
21.04.19Audio Imperia - Cerberus REPACK7.97 GBSample Libraries
19.04.19Free Audio Converter 5 1 7 215 Premium Multilingual WIN33 MBAudioapps
19.04.19AVS Audio Editor v9 0 3 534 WIN48 MBAudioapps
19.04.19AVS Audio Converter v9 0 3 593 WIN50.29 MBAudioapps
19.04.19AVS Audio Editor 9 0 3 534 Portable WIN31 MBAudioapps
19.04.19AVS Audio Converter 9 0 3 593 Portable WIN32 MBAudioapps
18.04.19MP3 Audio Recorder 2 9 0 MacOSX15.75 MBAudioapps
18.04.19Exotic Refreshment Deep Melodic Techno Vol 3 Exotic Samples212.28 MBSample Libraries
18.04.19XLN Audio XO v1 0 0 WIN536.83 MBAudioapps
18.04.19Spitfire Audio - Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions REPACK4.52 GBSample Libraries
18.04.19Vinyl Audio Maybach Vinyl 4 WAV452.02 MBSample Libraries
18.04.19Spitfire Audio - Inder Goldfinger Percussionist REPACK2.31 GBSample Libraries
18.04.19Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Los Angeles REPACK5.96 GBSample Libraries
18.04.19Wilkinson Audio DeBleeder v1 2 WORKING MacOSX255.45 MBAudioapps
18.04.19Past To Future Samples 60s Breakbeat Drums KONTAKT WAV507.64 MBSample Libraries
18.04.19Spitfire Audio - Orchestral Swarm REPACK FIXED5.1 GBSample Libraries
15.04.19Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer London Soloists REPACK6.68 GBSample Libraries
15.04.19Manifest Audio Climate Archiv 002 WAV230.44 MBSample Libraries
14.04.19Hall Samples Trap City Vol 3 WAV53.31 MBSample Libraries
14.04.19Spitfire Audio - Flute Consort Vol 1 REPACK3.24 GBSample Libraries
14.04.19Spitfire Audio - Orchestral Swarm REPACK5.14 GBSample Libraries
14.04.19Cyberfunk Samples Vol 1 XTRAH New Perspective WAV AiFF603.27 MBSample Libraries
14.04.19Skeleton.Samples.GLITCH.Universe.WAV178.33 MBSample Libraries
14.04.19Performance Samples Solos of the Sea Solo Violin A KONTAKT162.59 MBSample Libraries
12.04.19Reflekt Audio Trance Trap Loop Pack WAV116.06 MBSample Libraries
12.04.19NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter 2 4 4 Multilingual MacOSX34.77 MBAudioapps
12.04.19Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder 2 3 9 2 WIN17.17 MBAudioapps
12.04.19Orange Tree Samples Evolution Flatwound Bass KONTAKT3.18 GBSample Libraries
12.04.19Mycrazything Sounds Tech Deep Groove 2 WAV174.82 MBSample Libraries
12.04.19Push Button Bang Abstrakt Tech Textures and Top Loops WAV722.19 MBSample Libraries

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