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09.10.19Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger Rhodes Affair 2 Preset Player x64 WIN952.25 MBVSTi + Fx
09.10.19Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger Rhodes Affair 2 Preset Player x86 WIN952.05 MBVSTi + Fx
09.10.19Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger Rhodes Affair 2 Preset Player VST MacOSX993.54 MBMisc
09.10.19Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger Rhodes Affair 2 Preset Player AU MacOSX993.54 MBMisc
23.09.19Audio Plugin Player v1 3 1 MAS-HCiSO20.15 MBAudioapps
24.07.19StudioLinked Infiniti Player v1 1 VST AU AAX MacOSX-DECiBEL1.91 GBPresets
24.07.19StudioLinked Infiniti Player v1 1 VST AAX x86 x64-DECiBEL1.92 GBPresets
05.07.19Elmedia Player Pro 7 4 1816 Multilingual MacOSX56.61 MBSample Libraries
20.06.19Celestial.Spheres.Library.for.Halion3.15 GBSample Libraries
18.04.19Electronik Sound Lab 808 Bass Module X v1 0 for Halion Sonic543.53 MBPresets
14.03.19Elmedia Player Pro 7 2 1765 Multilingual MacOSX56.54 MBAudioapps
14.03.19Snap! Jingle Player 1 2 1 0 WIN6.06 MBAudioapps
06.03.19Noiiz Taishogoto Harp for Noiiz Player299.01 MBSample Libraries
25.01.19Noiiz Singing Bells for Noiiz Player594.51 MBSample Libraries
20.12.18Noiiz Guitar Harmonics for Noiiz Player1022.59 MBSample Libraries
16.12.18Elmedia Player Pro 7 1 1638 Multilingual MacOSX55.24 MBSample Libraries
02.12.18Noiiz.Mbira.for.Noiiz.Player798.78 MBSample Libraries
29.11.18Elmedia Player Pro 7 0 1615 Multilingual MacOSX54.56 MBAudioapps
21.10.18Elmedia Player GO 6 13 Multilingual MacOSX38.28 MBLearning
06.10.18Elmedia Player Pro 6 13 1435 Multilingual MacOSX46.09 MBLearning
26.09.18Elmedia Player Pro 6 12 1427 Multilingual MacOSX45.74 MBVSTi + Fx
12.09.18Noiiz.Harp.for.Noiiz.Player252.57 MBSample Libraries
10.08.18Noiiz.Harmonium.for.Noiiz.Player908.93 MBSample Libraries
17.07.18Noiiz.Mellotron.for.Noiiz.Player-SYNTHiC4TE487.39 MBSample Libraries
10.07.18Gear Player 2 2 34 MacOSX12.04 MBDJ Applications
08.07.18Groove3 HALion Beginners Guide Programming Synths TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE230.74 MBLearning
03.07.18HOFA-Plugins HOFA DDP Player Maker v2 0 2 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R20.8 MBAudioapps
11.06.18Noiiz Tubular Bells for Noiiz Player-SYNTHiC4TE454.35 MBSample Libraries
06.06.18Pi Music Player v2 6 3 build 113 Unlocked ANDROID5.42 MBMobile Apps
03.06.18Pixel+ Music Player v3 7 2 Patched ANDROID4.4 MBMobile Apps
28.05.18Noiiz Steel Pans FOR Noiiz Player1.47 GBSample Libraries
20.05.18jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v9 3 2 Patched ANDROID13.81 MBMobile Apps
17.05.18Noiiz Toy Percussion FOR Noiiz Player372.08 MBSample Libraries
17.05.18Noiiz Grand Marimba FOR Noiiz Player143.74 MBSample Libraries
16.05.18n7player Music Player v3 0 9 Premium ANDROID11.81 MBMobile Apps
15.05.18Noiiz Leeds Town Hall Organ FOR Noiiz Player1.91 GBSample Libraries
15.05.18Noiiz.Celesta.FOR.Noiiz.Player318.53 MBSample Libraries
14.05.18Noiiz Handpan for Noiiz Player & Noiiz Player v1 12 WIN MA...130 MBSample Libraries
11.05.18Pi Music Player v2 6 1 build 107 Unlocked ANDROID5.24 MBMobile Apps
07.05.18Pi Music Player v2 6 1 Unlocked ANDROID5.25 MBMobile Apps
28.04.18Smart AudioBook Player v3 7 2 Unlocked ANDROID4.13 MBMobile Apps
13.04.18Kanto Karaoke Player and Recorder v10 1 0 WiN18.76 MBAudioapps
07.04.18Mp3 Music Player Pro v2 4 6 ANDROID4.13 MBMobile Apps
04.04.18Pi Music Player v2 6 0 1 build 102 Unlocked ANDROID5.29 MBMobile Apps
04.04.18jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v9 3 0 Patched ANDROID13.91 MBMobile Apps
03.04.18Pulsar Music Player v1 7 7 build 111 Pro ANDROID2.83 MBMobile Apps
30.03.18Music Plus MP3 Player v1 3 7 Paid ANDROID1.37 MBMobile Apps
17.03.18Folder Player Pro v4 4 3 Paid ANDROID1.67 MBMobile Apps
14.03.18Steinberg HALion v6 1 0 72 STANDALONE VSTi3 AAX x64 WIN94.07 MBSample Libraries
07.03.18S9 Music Player v1 0 0 Ad-Free ANDROID3.67 MBMobile Apps

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