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09.10.18Udemy Gypsy Jazz Guitar Waltz Accompaniment TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS1.43 GBSample Libraries
25.07.18JTC Josh Smith Uptown Blues TUTORIAL578 MBSample Libraries
25.04.18JTC Luca Mantovanelli 2-5-1 Masterclass Advanced TUTORiAL598 MBPresets
16.04.18JTC-Ignazio.Di.Salvo-Symphonic.Rock.Masterclass272.61 MBSample Libraries
16.04.18JTC-Just.Jam .Easy.Changes84.32 MBSample Libraries
16.04.18JTC-Nili.Brosh-20.Colourful.Pentatonic.Licks201.04 MBSample Libraries
22.03.18JTC.Josh.Smith.Syncopated.Blues309.94 MBVSTi + Fx
26.02.18Udemy Gypsy Jazz Guitar Waltz Accompaniment TUTORIAL1.43 GBLearning
27.01.18JTC Luca Mantovanelli 2-5-1 Masterclass Intermediate TUTORiAL826.39 MBSample Libraries
04.12.17JTC Martin Miller Improvisation Masterclass Vol 1 TUTORiAL1.77 GBLearning
03.12.17JTC Al Joseph Hard Rock Legato Masterclass TUTORIAL2.05 GBAudioapps
03.12.17JTC Luca Mantovanelli 2-5-1 Masterclass Beginner TUTORiAL1.5 GBMisc
28.11.17JTC Michael Wagner Pentatonic Phrasing Masterclass TUTORIAL1.62 GBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Al Joseph Rock Attitude Masterclass TUTORIAL1.47 GBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Kenny Serane Jam With Kenny Serane Vol 1 TUTORIAL638.73 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Claudio Pietronik The art of Hybrid picking masterclass TUTORIAL664.6 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Denny Ilett Expanding The Blues Masterclass TUTORIAL748.19 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Jake Willson Rhythmic control masterclass TUTORIAL683.57 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Daniele Gottardo Ultimate Tapping Masterclass TUTORIAL857.62 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Jake Willson Breaking the silence TUTORIAL88.03 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Jake Willson Creative Chromatics masterclass TUTORIAL777.07 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Lari Basilio Finger picking masterclass TUTORIAL387.28 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Jess Lewis 3 by me TUTORIAL44.74 MBVSTi + Fx
28.11.17JTC Jess Lewis Sixes & sevens TUTORIAL111.27 MBVSTi + Fx
27.10.17Udemy com Gypsy Jazz Basics Exploring Harmony TUTORIAL800.24 MBAudioapps
23.10.17Udemy com Gypsy Jazz Basics Rhythmic Variations and Syncopation TUTORIAL604.68 MBSample Libraries
19.10.17Udemy com Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar TUTORIAL2.4 GBSample Libraries
04.07.17JTC - Luca Mantovanelli - Mapping The Modes Complete Box Set1.46 GBLearning
24.06.17Truefire - Andreas Oberg and Frank Vignola - Gypsy Jazz Duets 2009 [COMPLET...1.08 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Andy Wood Box Set [COMPLETE]159 MBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Andy Saphir 20 Classic Country Licks815.94 MBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Alex Hutchings Box Set [COMPLETE]2.16 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Alex Hutchings 20 Tasty Dominant Licks & Phrases (Deluxe)1.46 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Alex Hutchings 20 Minor Rock Fusion Licks1.2 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Andy James Box Set [COMPLETE]1.2 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Andre Nieri 20 Diverse Fusion Licks Mega Pack900.55 MBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Alex Hutchings Secrets in Twenty Licks (Deluxe)1.31 GBLearning
05.06.17JTC John F Klaver Minor Blues Essentials Masterclass TUTORIAL133.65 MBLearning
05.06.17JTC Kody The Powerful Sessions TUTORIAL75.02 MBLearning
28.05.17Django The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend by Michael Dregni PDF3.2 MBLearning
17.05.17JTC.Yiannis.Papadopoulos.Nightflower.TUTORIAL103.99 MBLearning
12.05.17JTC Mateus Asato Atmospheric Sessions TUTORIAL87.69 MBLearning
08.05.17JTC Roy Ziv Learn To Play Leap Of Faith 2017 TUTORIAL1.8 GBLearning
06.05.17JTC Blues Extensions Alex Hutchings TUTORIAL205.79 MBLearning
02.05.17JTC Kenny Serane The Ultimate Guitar Workout 2017 TUTORIAL2.14 GBLearning
12.04.17JTC Ultimate Arpeggio Integration Masterclass Box Set TUTORIAL1.55 GBLearning
21.03.17JTC Luca Mantovanelli 10 Soul Searching Solos69.87 MBSheet Music
14.03.17JTC Kenny Serane The Ultimate Guitar Workout TUTORIAL257.68 MBLearning
05.03.17JTC Al Joseph All Of Creation TUTORIAL79.53 MBLearning
03.03.17JTC Ignazio Di Salvo 20 Licks Technical Focus TUTORIAL1.19 GBLearning

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