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08.11.18VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 0 17011 CE-V R58.18 MBAudioapps
18.10.18Udemy Music Piano From Zero To Pro Beginner Essentials To Play Piano TUTORi...2.27 GBSample Libraries
06.08.18Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol 2 WAV890.03 MBSample Libraries
03.08.18ADSR Sounds Vocal Mixing Essentials For Future Bass TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE170.81 MBVSTi + Fx
06.07.18Output Analog Strings Modern String Beds Expansion Pack24.63 MBPresets
06.07.18Jay Eskar Future Bounce Essentials WAV FLP SERUM43.03 MBSample Libraries
29.06.18Academy fm Comparing String Libraries in Native Instruments Kontakt TUTORIA...107.44 MBPresets
11.06.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 105 Mastering Essentials TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE445.65 MBLearning
11.06.18Ask Video Ableton Live 10 103 Audio Essentials TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE179.55 MBLearning
07.06.18Native Instruments Symphony Essentials Percussion KONTAKT ...3.84 GBSample Libraries
05.06.18Tracktion Software DAW Essentials Collection v1.0.25 [VST x64] MacOSX58.21 MBMAC
20.05.18Freshly Squeezed Samples Spire Trance Essentials Volume 113.67 MBPresets
07.05.18Origin Sound Liquid Motion (Modern DNB Essentials) WAV MiDi-DISCOVER250.2 MBSample Libraries
30.04.18Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-2 v2 1 2 WIN27.58 MBSample Libraries
30.04.18Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-2 v2 1 2 MacOSX30.63 MBSample Libraries
25.04.18That Worship Sound Worship Essentials For Omnisphere158 KBSample Libraries
02.04.18Ask Video Ableton Live 10 102 MIDI Essentials TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE156 MBLearning
31.03.18Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-2 v2 1 0 MacOSX27 MBLearning
31.03.18Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-2 v2 1 0 WIN27 MBLearning
16.03.18Ask Video Symphony Essentials 101 Symphony141.12 MBLearning
16.03.18Truefire Jason Loughlins Essentials Surf Guitar 2017 TUTORIAL714.88 MBLearning
14.03.18Big EDM Groove House Essentials WAV MiDi LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1 REVEAL SOU...422.52 MBSample Libraries
12.03.18WA Production Pumped Serum Future Bass Essentials For XFER RECORDS SERUM-DI...14.57 MBSample Libraries
12.03.18WA Production Pumped Serum Dubstep Essentials For XFER RECORDS SERUM-DISCOV...94.44 MBSample Libraries
04.03.18Truefire Angus Clarks Essentials Neoclassical Rock Soloing 2017 TUTORIAL956.83 MBLearning
22.02.18Udemy Slide Guitar Essentials Open E Tuning TUTORIAL2.93 GBSample Libraries
18.02.18Truefire Jeff McErlains Essentials Chord Tone Soloing 2017 TUTORIAL906 MBLearning
11.02.18Baltic Audio Spire Essentials Vol 6 Future Bass and Pop MiDi SPiRE12.09 MBPresets
03.02.18Truefire Angus Clarks Essentials Rock Rhythm Unplugged 2017 TUTORiAL587.18 MBLearning
02.02.18Truefire Jeff McErlains Essentials Advanced Blues Soloing 2017 TUTORiAL1023.87 MBLearning
31.01.18Ultrasonic Martin Garrix Essentials Vol 1 WAV FLP SPF FXP FXB435.33 MBSample Libraries
29.01.18Splice Sounds Ducko McFli Drum Essentials WAV-DRUMKIDS134.16 MBSample Libraries
24.01.18Catalyst Samples Tech House Essentials Vol 1 WAV152.6 MBSample Libraries
24.01.18Truefire Jeff McErlains Essentials Advanced Blues Rhythm 2017 TUTORIAL1.02 GBLearning
02.01.18Tunecraft Sounds Future Bass Essentials Vol 1 For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiV...5.18 MBPresets
02.01.18Tunecraft Sounds Future Bass Essentials Vol 1 WAV MiDi NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS M...1.46 GBSample Libraries
02.01.18Tunecraft Sounds Future Bass Essentials Vol 2 For XFER RECORDS SERUM-DISCOV...52 MBPresets
02.01.18Tunecraft Sounds Future Bass Essentials Vol 2 WAV MiDi XFER RECORDS SERUM A...1.03 GBSample Libraries
31.12.17Professional Orchestration Volume 2a Orchestrating the Melody Within the String174.33 MBSheet Music
28.12.17Freak Music Definitive Trap Essentials WAV MiDi Ableton Live template225 MBSample Libraries
22.12.17Incognet.House.Essentials.WAV.MiDi541.45 MBSample Libraries
20.12.17Julez Jadon Travel Essentials Premium Drum Collection WAV528.27 MBSample Libraries
12.12.17Producer Loops Pop Essentials Vol 1 ACiD WAV REX REASON REFiLL AiFF4.75 GBSample Libraries
22.11.17Truefire James Hogans Essentials Soul Rhythm Guitar 2017 TUTORIAL778.29 MBLearning
19.11.17Truefire Frank Vignolas Essentials Jazz Standard Soloing 2017 TUTORIAL856.16 MBLearning
19.11.177 SKIES & DG Ephex FX Essentials Vol 1 WAV692.87 MBMisc
09.11.17FXpansion BFD JM Essentials Vol 2 Grooves-V R4.73 MBSample Libraries
08.11.17FXpansion BFD JM Essentials Vol 1 Grooves-V R4.71 MBSample Libraries
01.11.17SoundBits Just Whoosh 3 Whoosh Essentials WAV689.53 MBSample Libraries
21.10.17Laniakea Sounds Tech House Essentials WAV MiDi REVEAL SOUND SPiRE367.76 MBSample Libraries

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