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13.08.19Truefire Jeff McErlains Blues-Rock Evolution TUTORiAL-ADSR697.76 MBLearning
13.08.19Truefire Corey Congilis Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Playbook TUTORiAL-ADSR1.25 GBLearning
07.08.19Truefire - Robben Ford's Trading Solos Uptempo Blues818 MBLearning
07.08.19Truefire - Robert Jones' Blues Traditions2.04 GBLearning
07.08.19Truefire - Jason Loughlin's Trading Solos Country677.61 MBLearning
07.08.19Truefire - Marko Karhu's Melodic Blues Soloing Guidebook743.14 MBLearning
05.06.19Truefire Jeff McErlains Take 5 Diminished Blues MP4 MP3 PDF807.52 MBLearning
03.06.19Truefire Henry Johnsons Jazz Inspirations MP4 MP3 PDF848.15 MBLearning
24.05.19Truefire Sheryl Baileys Essentials Bebop Blues Etudes MP4 MP3 PDF875.39 MBLearning
02.05.19Truefire - Kirk Fletcher's TrueHeart Blues_Rhythm962.81 MBLearning
30.04.19Truefire Jon Finn Rhythm Lab Rock and Funk TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS714.6 MBLearning
30.04.19Truefire John Fillmores Soleares Flamenco Guidebook TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS606.4 MBLearning
30.04.19Truefire Guitar Lab Diamond Rock Rhythm TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS1.6 GBLearning
30.04.19Truefire Gareth Pearson Country and Folk Fingerstyle Guidebook TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS421.68 MBLearning
14.04.19Truefire Dweezil Zappas Dweezology Phrase Generators TUTORiAL-ADSR732.36 MBLearning
07.04.19Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Modern Harmonic Guitar Vol 2 TUTORIAL771.7 MBLearning
25.03.19Truefire - Andy Wood's ShapeShifter1.29 GBLearning
25.03.19Truefire - Matt Schofield's BluesSpeak1.4 GBLearning
25.03.19Truefire Angus Clarks Solo Factory Hard Rock TUTORiAL-ADSR1.14 GBLearning
25.03.19Truefire Brad Carltons Guitar Lab Harnessing Slurs TUTORiAL-ADSR1.06 GBLearning
25.03.19Truefire Corey Congilios Blues Guitar Fakebook Rhythm Vol 1 TUTORiAL-ADSR1.08 GBLearning
25.03.19Truefire Robben Fords Blues Chord Evolution TUTORiAL-ADSR601.32 MBLearning
17.03.19Truefire Trey Alexander Quantum Rock UPDATE TUTORIAL1.44 GBLearning
17.03.19Truefire Dweezil Zappa Dweezology Phrase Generators TUTORIAL732.36 MBLearning
14.03.19Truefire Guitar Lab Big Blues and Beyond TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS892.99 MBLearning
14.03.19Truefire Brad Carltons Chord Studies Rock and Pop Progressions Vol 2 TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS691.86 MBLearning
14.03.19Truefire Andrew Fords 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You Must Know TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS1.31 GBLearning
11.03.19Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol 1 TUTORiAL-ADSR772.18 MBLearning
11.03.19Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol 2 TUTORiAL-ADSR722.05 MBLearning
11.03.19Truefire Angus Clarks Take 5 Rock Pattern Soloing TUTORiAL-ADSR277.52 MBLearning
11.03.19Truefire Chris Buono Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts Vol 5 TUTORIAL556.76 MBLearning
11.03.19Truefire Chris Buono Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts Vol 3 TUTORIAL555.53 MBLearning
02.03.19Truefire.Stephen.Bennett.Fingerstyle.Finesse1.24 GBLearning
02.03.19Truefire Guitar DNA CAGED Soloing TUTORIAL1.36 GBLearning
19.02.19Truefire Rory Rondes Soul Jazz Signatures Guidebook TUTORiAL-ADSR473.03 MBLearning
18.02.19Truefire Gareth Pearson Travis Atkins & Reed Guidebook TUTORIAL1.22 GBLearning
17.02.19Truefire Jeff McErlains Take 5 Blues Arpeggios TUTORiAL-ADSR400.61 MBLearning
17.02.19Truefire Muriel Anderson Take 5 Harmonics TUTORIAL279.57 MBLearning
17.02.19Truefire Andrew Leonard Take 5 Beginner Classical TUTORIAL533.45 MBLearning
17.02.19Truefire John Jorgenson Gypsy Jazz Journeys Sonora Spring TUTORIAL652.62 MBLearning
17.02.19Truefire John Jorgenson Eclectic Electric 61 SGLP TUTORIAL479.59 MBLearning
17.02.19Truefire Adrian Legg Fingerstyle Revisionist Adagio Songbook TUTORIAL1.51 GBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Adrian Legg Fingerstyle Revisionist Origins TUTORIAL643.07 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Bill Evans The Language of the Blues TUTORIAL656.02 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Jason Loughlin Essentials Country Soloing Styles TUTORIAL584.69 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Muriel Anderson Take 5 Travis Picking TUTORIAL304.72 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Bruce Arnold NYC Jazz Guitar Summit MISSING PDF TUTORIAL770 KBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Maurice Arenas Sequences & Patterns for Improvisation MISSING FILES TUTORIAL85 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Gareth Pearson Country & Folk Fingerstyle Guidebook MISSING FILES TUTORIAL37.51 MBLearning
15.02.19Truefire Jim Oblon RetroACTIVE Electric Blues MISSING FILES TUTORIAL11.69 MBLearning

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