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11.10.18Triad Sounds Modern Samples Melodic Trap WAV248.91 MBSample Libraries
09.10.18Triad Sounds Modern Samples The Beatmaker Vol 1 WAV188.94 MBSample Libraries
09.10.18Triad Sounds Modern Samples Trending Pop WAV361.13 MBSample Libraries
22.08.18Alfred Gary Campbell Triad Pairs for Jazz PDF20.65 MBLearning
08.07.18Triad Sounds Dark Tech House WAV160.71 MBSample Libraries
27.03.18Triad Sounds Melodic House 2018 MIDI WAV469.47 MBSample Libraries
14.03.18Big EDM Melbourne Bounce Tools WAV MiDi XFER RECORDS SERUM NATiVE iNSTRUMEN...359.13 MBSample Libraries
16.10.17Music Theory For Beat Makers The Formula to Play ANY Major or Minor Triad o...421.19 MBSample Libraries
28.07.17Triad Sounds We Heart House Vocals WAV165.81 MBSample Libraries
11.04.17Triad Sounds Deep Tech House WAV MiDi-DISCOVER408.49 MBSample Libraries
11.04.17Triad Sounds All Trap Tools WAV MiDi-DISCOVER216.57 MBSample Libraries
30.03.17Triad Sounds Tropical House Vocals 2017 WAV MiDi LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1831.82 MBSample Libraries
21.02.17Hal Leonard Jean Marc Belkadi Jazz Rock Triad improvising For Guitar PDF-MP...47.22 MBLearning
06.02.17Triad Sounds Deep House WAV MiDi-DISCOVER675.46 MBSample Libraries
17.01.17Triad Sounds Bouncy Future House WAV MiDi-DISCOVER939.92 MBSample Libraries
06.01.17Triad Sounds Future House Funk III WAV MiDi-DISCOVER821.06 MBSample Libraries
06.01.17Triad Sounds KASHMIR ETHNIC EDM WAV MiDi LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1-DISCOVER902.97 MBSample Libraries
06.01.17Triad Sounds Sounds Of Hexagon WAV MiDi-DISCOVER1.04 GBSample Libraries
06.01.17Triad Sounds Bass House WAV MiDi-DISCOVER665.42 MBSample Libraries
28.12.16Triad Sounds Melodic Future House By Ellis WAV MiDi475.91 MBSample Libraries
24.10.16123Creative Melbourne Bounce Bundle MIDI MASSIVE WAV120.53 MBSample Libraries
23.10.16Truefire Chris Buono Guitar Gym Triad Arpeggios DATA MP41.59 GBLearning
11.10.16Triad Sounds Tropical House Acapellas WAV MiDi-DISCOVER622.48 MBSample Libraries
11.10.16Triad Sounds Future House Funk WAV MiDi-DISCOVER871.24 MBSample Libraries
10.10.16Triad Sounds TEC NO WAV MiDi1.68 KBSample Libraries
10.10.16Triad Sounds Tomorrowland EDM 2016 WAV MiDi827.34 MBSample Libraries
11.08.16Function Loops Melbourne Bounce Invasion WAV MiDi-DISCOVER422.82 MBSample Libraries
07.08.16Triad Sounds Melbourne Bounce Drops 2016 WAV MiDi-DISCOVER849.44 MBSample Libraries
07.06.16Baltic Audio Spire Essentials Vol 5 Melbourne Bounce And EDM For REVEAL SOU...7.86 MBPresets
06.06.16Immense Sounds Immense Melbourne Bounce Rush WAV MiDi-DISCOVER269.64 MBSample Libraries
30.05.16Triad Sounds Smash EDM For SYLENTH1-DISCOVER9.86 MBPresets
12.05.16Triad Sounds Tropical House WAV MiDi586 MBSample Libraries
23.03.16Triad Sounds Jungle Power Drops WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE374.51 MBSample Libraries
18.03.16Fox Samples Blessed By Melbourne Bounce WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE296.99 MBSample Libraries
14.03.16Fox Samples Big Momma Melbourne 3 WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE497.03 MBSample Libraries
26.02.16Triad.Sounds.Summer.Freshness.WAV-MAGNETRiXX768.47 MBSample Libraries
20.02.16THE ONE Melbourne Basses For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE-DISCOVER8.07 MBPresets
24.01.16Singomakers Melbourne Bounce Attack for Live-65811.17 GBMisc
19.01.16Fox Samples Big Momma Melbourne 2 WAV MiDi363.09 MBSample Libraries
11.01.16Mainroom Warehouse Melbourne Bounce Anthems for Spire-658152.59 MBMisc
06.01.16Triad Sounds NYE 2016 Countdowns and Impacts WAV96.24 MBSample Libraries
11.12.15W A Production What About Top Chart Melbourne Bounce Kits WAV MiDi2 GBSample Libraries
02.12.15Fox Samples Big Momma Melbourne WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC379.22 MBSample Libraries
29.11.15Triad Sounds Tropical House WAV MiDi586.8 MBSample Libraries
27.11.15Triad Sounds Melbourne Bounce Drops And Midi528.1 MBSample Libraries
23.11.15Triad Sound Massive Wobble House Ni Massive Presets3.89 MBPresets
19.11.15WA Production What About EDM Melbourne Trumpet Loops WAV MiDi SPF SBF FXP F...2.04 GBSample Libraries
03.11.15WA Production Free Melbourne Kicks And Bass Loops Vol 2 ACID WAV FXB18.18 MBSample Libraries
16.10.15Komodor Audio Ascend Ableton Melbourne Template-AUDIOSTRiKE274.18 MBPresets
16.10.15Fox Samples Must Have Melbourne Vocal Bounce WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE486.45 MBSample Libraries

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