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25.06.17DESTINY Future Bass for Serum by 7 SKIES & DG92.16 MBPresets
21.06.17Push Button Bang Future Weapons WAV1.28 GBMisc
21.06.17LNDN.Future.Hop.WAV462.21 MBSample Libraries
21.06.17Laniakea Sounds Potential Movements WAV MiDi-DISCOVER604.92 MBSample Libraries
21.06.17Laniakea Sounds Elements Atmospheric FX WAV-DISCOVER160.86 MBSample Libraries
21.06.17Laniakea.Sounds.Cinematic.Electronica.WAV-DISCOVER431.09 MBSample Libraries
20.06.17Precinct.Future.Ambient.WAV525.87 MBSample Libraries
20.06.17Industrial Strength TD Audio Future Bass WAV MiDi SYLENTH1 NI MASSiVE403.02 MBSample Libraries
19.06.17Skifonix Sounds Progressive House Grooves WAV MiDi NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE368.48 MBSample Libraries
17.06.17Laniakea Sounds Chillout Library WAV MiDi FL Projects SPECTRASONiCS OMNiSPHERE2.42 GBSample Libraries
17.06.17Laniakea Sounds Art Of Chill 2 WAV MiDi SPECTRASONiCS OMNiSPHERE353 MBSample Libraries
17.06.17Future Loops Dubstep Roots Ambient Dub and Bass WAV REX569 MBSample Libraries
13.06.17Black Octopus Sound Seductive Future House WAV MiDi ABLETON LiVE TEMPLATE NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS...1.21 GBSample Libraries
12.06.17Surge Sounds Future Bass WAV MiDi XFER RECORDS SERUM PRESETS AND LFO SEQUENCES NATiVE iNSTRU...182.16 MBSample Libraries
11.06.17Touch Loops Future Beats WAV MiDi-DISCOVER595.84 MBSample Libraries
11.06.17Diginoiz Spire Future Bounce For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE-DISCOVER4.03 MBPresets
11.06.17Diginoiz Sylenth Animals 2 Future RnB For LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1-DISCOVER2.7 MBPresets
10.06.17Vandalism Shocking Future House And Bounce For LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1-DISCOVER17.88 MBPresets
10.06.17Vandalism Ultra Future Bass Vocals 2 WAV MiDi-DISCOVER247.15 MBSample Libraries
10.06.17Hy2rogen Deep Future House Drums 2 MULTiFORMAT46.58 MBSample Libraries
06.06.17XO: The Overdose Vol. 1 - Studio Sounds2.89 GBSample Libraries
04.06.17Splice Sounds Getter Shred Packs Vol 3 feat Sneek WAV128.99 MBSample Libraries
02.06.17Isabella van Elferen Gothic Music The Sounds of the Uncanny PDF679.73 KBLearning
01.06.17Future.Music.July.2017.PDF33.18 MBLearning
31.05.17Sounds To Sample Minimal Techno WAV-DYNAMiCS140.86 MBSample Libraries
31.05.17Splice Sounds Decap Drums That Knock Vol 4272.71 MBSample Libraries
26.05.17Foss Samples Chainsmoking Sounds Vol 1 WAV MIDI SPF195.94 MBSample Libraries
20.05.17Industrial Strength TD Audio Future Chill and Electronica WAV MiDi NI Massive Spire U-He Div...764.44 MBSample Libraries
19.05.17Loopmasters Matteo Dimarr Signature House Sounds MULTiFORMAT901.85 MBSample Libraries
19.05.17Loopmasters Classic Classic House Sounds MULTiFORMAT598.77 MBSample Libraries
16.05.17Samplestar Future Analog Nu Disko WAV MiDi-DISCOVER681.68 MBSample Libraries
15.05.17Sounds To Sample Presents Dots Martini Lounge Electric Chillwave AiFF MiDi DAW Presets-MAGNE...554.43 MBSample Libraries
15.05.17Producerloops Party Design Designed Sounds For Sylenth1 Vol 38.86 MBPresets
15.05.17Party Design Designed Sounds for Sylenth1 Vol 4-65814.75 MBPresets
14.05.17Splice Future Bass Leads and Melodies WAV284.86 MBSample Libraries
14.05.17Future Music May 2017 COMPLETE CONTENT1.06 GBLearning
14.05.17Splice Sounds Havoc Infamous Pack Vol 5 WAV46.37 MBSample Libraries
12.05.17XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1 5166.03 MBMisc
11.05.17XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1 5 0 WIN120.32 MBDJ Applications
07.05.17Hall.Samples.Moog.Sounds.WAV-DISCOVER103.06 MBSample Libraries
07.05.17Production Master Chime Massive Dubstep Sounds and Beats WAV NMSV38.07 MBSample Libraries
07.05.17UNDRGRND.Sounds.House.Chords.MULTiFORMAT51.9 MBSample Libraries
05.05.17Angry Parrot Future and EDM DAW Templates MULTiFORMAT315.53 MBSample Libraries
04.05.17Laniakea Sounds Chillout Vocals WAV MiDi405.06 MBSample Libraries
04.05.17Future.Music.June.2017.PDF36 MBLearning
02.05.17Loopoholics Future Bass And Trap Drops Loops WAV-DISCOVER271.26 MBSample Libraries
01.05.17Splice Sounds Getter Shred Packs Vol 2 feat Spock WAV129.6 MBSample Libraries
30.04.17Splice Sounds Team Supreme All Stars Vol 1 WAV463.74 MBSample Libraries
30.04.17UNDRGRND.Sounds.Techno.Stabs.MULTiFORMAT48.88 MBSample Libraries
28.04.17Udemy Learn Future House in Logic Pro X Finish Fast Be a Pro TUTORiAL2.81 GBMisc

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