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150 site results for: "Xenos Soundworks zebra"

27.04.18U-he Zebra v 2 28 rev 7325 x86 x64 WIN78.8 MBMisc
20.04.18Impact Soundworks ALLURA Volume 1 WAV KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE1.34 GBSample Libraries
08.04.18u-he Zebra v2 8 0 6849 VSTi VSTi3 AAX WIN32.85 MBVSTi + Fx
05.04.18Triple Spiral Audio Empty Fields F 1 for Zebra 2-DECiBEL1.51 MBPresets
12.03.18Triple Spiral Audio Beyond Dreams For U-HE ZEBRA 2-DISCOVER19.35 MBPresets
04.03.18Sonic Underworld Zebra Valiant and Dark Zebra Valiant for ...3.62 MBPresets
04.03.18Triple Spiral Audio Pagan I II Bundle For U-HE ZEBRA 2-DISCOVER12.83 MBPresets
22.02.18Sonic Underworld Zebra Transcendence For U-HE ZEBRA 2-DISC...27.75 MBPresets
22.02.18Sonic Underworld Zebra Kaleidoscope Dark Remix For U-HE ZEBRA50.67 MBPresets
22.02.18Sonic Underworld Zebra Pandora For U-HE ZEBRA 2-DISCOVER23.88 MBPresets
30.01.18Impact.Soundworks.Meditation.KONTAKT-DISCOVER716.59 MBSample Libraries
12.01.183ee-Sound Design Battery Leak Soundset for u-he Zebra H2P-SYNTHiC4TE2 MBPresets
08.12.17The Unfinished Zebra Vellum Dark Edition FOR u-he Zebra2 a...4.57 MBPresets
08.12.17The Unfinished Zebra Theta Dark Edition FOR u-he Zebra2 an...4.78 MBPresets
01.12.17Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds (Ocarinas) Repack KONTAKT1.9 GBSample Libraries
30.11.17Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds Ocarinas KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE6.08 GBSample Libraries
09.11.17Impact.Soundworks.Momentum.Stylus.RMX-SYNTHiC4TE8.04 GBSample Libraries
08.10.17Impact.Soundworks.Momentum.WAV.REX-SYNTHiC4TE7.53 GBSample Libraries
08.10.17Impact.Soundworks.Momentum.KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE4.86 GBSample Libraries
04.09.17Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart PC KONTAKT DVDR-DISCOVER3.26 GBSample Libraries
10.06.17Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds (Pan Flutes) Repack KONTAKT1.23 GBSample Libraries
09.06.17Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE5.09 GBSample Libraries
15.05.17Impact.Soundworks.Resonance.Emotional.Mallets-MAGNETRiXX2.14 GBSample Libraries
15.05.17Impact Soundworks Archtop Hollowbody Electric Guitar REASON REFiLL DISCOVER...523.24 MBSample Libraries
12.05.17Impact Soundworks Koto Nation II Repack KONTAKT1.59 GBSample Libraries
12.05.17Impact Soundworks Koto Nation v2 0 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE3.27 GBSample Libraries
11.05.17Impact Soundworks Sitar Nation v2 0 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside1.54 GBSample Libraries
18.03.17Impact Soundworks Koron (Traditional Instruments of Iran) Repack KONTAKT4.71 GBSample Libraries
06.03.17Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds (Bansuri) Repack KONTAKT1.9 GBSample Libraries
06.03.17Impact Soundworks VENTUS Ethnic Winds Bansuri KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE5.85 GBSample Libraries
19.02.17Impact Soundworks Straight Ahead Jazz Horns Repack KONTAKT6.65 GBSample Libraries
12.02.17Impact Soundworks Groove Bias KONTAKT Logic Patches-MAGNETRiXX3.05 GBSample Libraries
02.02.17Impact Soundworks Overload for u-he DIVA H2P-SYNTHiC4TE39.62 MBPresets
29.01.17ZenSound.Penumbra.Zebra.Soundset-TZ.Group1.4 MBPresets
28.01.17ZenSound Deep Space Zebra 2 Soundset-TZ Group1.37 MBPresets
28.01.17Xenos Soundworks Retrospace For XILS 3 LE-TZ Group51.41 KBPresets
26.01.17ZenSound.Celestial.Zebra.Soundset-TZ.Group1.34 MBPresets
23.01.17Impact Soundworks Rhapsody Orchestral Colors v1 05 KONTAKT UPDATE-SYNTHiC4T...18.85 MBUpdates
20.01.17The Unfinished Zebra Humankind Patches for Zebra-TZ Group1.41 MBPresets
20.01.17Xenos Soundworks Alternate Realities Chromaphone Soundset-...13.94 KBPresets
18.01.17Origins of Audion Zebramatic II Soundbank for U-he Zebra²...939 KBPresets
18.01.17Origins of Audion Phobia Soundbank for U-he Zebra² H2P-TZ Group1.47 MBPresets
15.01.17PlugInGuru TOXIC Zebra Patches and Wavetables for u-he Zebra3.34 MBPresets
15.01.17Xenos Soundworks Hydroponic Dubstep Patches for Sylenth1 F...5.63 MBPresets
28.12.16Impact.Soundworks.Koto.Nation.SFZ2.63 GBSample Libraries
27.12.16IQ Samples IQ Bass House Vol 1 WAV Ableton Massive SERUM and Zebra Presets379.62 MBSample Libraries
26.12.16Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds (Tin Whistle) Repack KONTAKT1.7 GBSample Libraries
25.12.16Impact Soundworks VENTUS Ethnic Winds Tin Whistle KONTAKT MERRY XMAS-SYNTHi...4.92 GBSample Libraries
25.12.16Impact.Soundworks.Sonic.Ocean.KONTAKT331.81 MBSample Libraries
25.12.16Impact.Soundworks.Mega.Brass.KONTAKT626.24 MBSample Libraries

Also try: Xenos.Soundworks.Zebra.Annihilation.Dubstep.and.DnB

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