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10.02.19Hal Leonard Scat Omnibook for Vocalists and C Instruments AZW327.36 MBLearning
30.01.19The Kit Plug WRLD MiDi NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE9.31 MBPresets
23.01.19Native Instruments Opaline Drift Expansion v1 0 0 DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE1.81 GBSample Libraries
15.01.19Strix Instruments KANGLING The Sound of Death v1 0 5 KONTAKT1.15 GBSample Libraries
15.01.19Strix Instruments Destroyed Six Cinematic Detuned Pianos v1 0 1 KONTAKT351.6 MBSample Libraries
13.01.19Native Instruments Hybrid Keys v1 1 1 Update Only WiN27.92 MBUpdates
13.01.19Native Instruments Ethereal Earth v1 1 1 Update Only WiN40.79 MBUpdates
12.01.19Native Instruments Hybrid Keys v1 1 1 KONTAKT ISO3.67 GBSample Libraries
12.01.19Native Instruments Ethereal Earth v1 1 1 KONTAKT ISO1.26 GBSample Libraries
08.01.19The Drum Bank The 8-Bit Legend Mega Pack WAV MiDi NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiV...285.26 MBSample Libraries
08.01.19The Drum Bank The Boss Up Care Package WAV MiDi NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE-...781.84 MBSample Libraries
08.01.19SampleOddity Oddmospheres 3 For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE-DISCOVER11.14 MBPresets
08.01.19SampleOddity Oddmospheres 2 For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE-DISCOVER13.4 MBPresets
08.01.19SampleOddity Effexor For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE-DISCOVER2.12 MBPresets
05.01.19Touch Loops Ethereal Voices Ableton Instruments855.84 MBSample Libraries
30.12.18Native Instruments Kontakt PORTABLE v 6 0 3 WiN x64 x86410.56 MBSample Libraries
28.12.18Samplified Peyote Sample Pack WAV NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE XFER RECORDS S...320.56 MBSample Libraries
26.12.18Cinematique-Instruments.Melt.KONTAKT.MERRY.XMAS-SYNTHiC4TE566.69 MBSample Libraries
26.12.18Cinematique-Instruments Ensemblia 2 Elektronika KONTAKT ME...46.81 MBSample Libraries
24.12.18Sonixinema Superball For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER7.44 GBSample Libraries
19.12.18Native Instruments Aquarius Earth Expansion v1 0 0 DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE1.13 GBSample Libraries
18.12.18Genera Studios Organika For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER370.35 MBSample Libraries
18.12.18Genera Studios Ambient Toolkit For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER1.55 GBSample Libraries
18.12.18Native Instruments Traktor Pro v3 0 2 10 macOS-HCiSO462.07 MBMisc
16.12.18F9 Audio Electric Funk Instruments KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS3.9 GBSample Libraries
16.12.18Native.Instruments.Analog.Dreams.KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS3.56 GBSample Libraries
16.12.18Native.Instruments.Ethereal.Earth.KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS1.26 GBSample Libraries
16.12.18Native.Instruments.Hybrid.Keys.KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS3.67 GBSample Libraries
15.12.18Cycles And Spots Deep Kontakt 2 For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER30.8 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Cycles And Spots Deep Tech Vocal Engine For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISC...100.85 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Wavediggerz Horror Worx For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER251.75 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Wavediggerz Break Odyssey For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER156.16 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Cycles And Spots Deep Tech Vocal Engine 2 For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DI...69.88 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Atom Hub Mechaniano For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER59.27 MBSample Libraries
15.12.18Red Room Audio Palette Runs And Arps For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVE...2.2 GBSample Libraries
05.12.18Pornofonic Instruments Konstruktor v1 1 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE405.72 MBSample Libraries
05.12.18Pornofonic Instruments Klusterjunkk v2 1 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE175.25 MBSample Libraries
05.12.18Pornofonic Instruments Fabrikator v1 1 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE622.75 MBSample Libraries
03.12.18Audiomodern PATHS II For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER483.33 MBSample Libraries
03.12.18Origins Of Audio Dark Kalimba For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER950.91 MBSample Libraries
03.12.18Origins Of Audio Mysterium For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER2.12 GBSample Libraries
03.12.18Logan Stahley Instruments Home Piano For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS811.71 MBSample Libraries
03.12.18Logan Stahley Instruments Lil Bit For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS K...142.7 MBSample Libraries
03.12.18Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia 2 Percussive KONTAKT1.1 GBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Nebulae For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER2.35 GBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Moon For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER936.94 MBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Elektra For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER358.47 MBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Biosynth For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER677.4 MBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Soave Sordino Strings For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER195.75 MBSample Libraries
02.12.18ImagikSound Profundo For NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT-DISCOVER903.65 MBSample Libraries

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