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07.02.19Piano Aerobics A Multi-Style 40-Week Workout Program for Building R...80.47 MBLearning
08.01.19Lynda Final Cut Pro X 10 4 4 Essential Training 20...4.09 GBLearning
05.01.19Lynda.The.Songwriting.Process.TUTORiAL69.76 MBLearning
20.12.18Lynda Audition CC 2019 Essential Training TUTORIAL2.23 GBLearning
20.12.18Lynda Live Looping with Ableton Live TUTORIAL2.21 GBLearning
03.11.18Lynda Premiere Pro CC 2019 The Basics TUTORiAL3.52 GBLearning
03.11.18Lynda Real Recording School Weekly Updated 10750.7 MBLearning
29.10.18Tech-It Samples Real Tech House 2 WAV147.42 MBSample Libraries
23.10.18Lynda Audio Mixing Master Class with Bobby Owsinski Update Sep 27 2...1.94 GBLearning
30.09.18Lynda Learning Reason 10 Core Feature Flashback TUTORiAL220.36 MBLearning
30.09.18Lynda.Learning.Reason.10.TUTORiAL797.2 MBLearning
04.07.18That Sound RE-TAPED REAL TAPE REAL THICK MULTiFORMAT-DISCO...760.61 MBSample Libraries
03.07.18Lynda.Audition.Third-Party.Plugins-ZH348.78 MBLearning
23.06.18Lynda Real Recording School Weekly with Larry Crane TUTORi...441.76 MBLearning
22.06.18Lynda Audio Mixing Master Class with Bobby Owsinski Update Jun 21 2...1.72 GBLearning
16.06.18Lynda The Songwriters Toolkit New Perspectives TUTORIAL324.64 MBLearning
07.05.18Lynda com Premiere Pro Technology Preview TUTORiAL365 MBLearning
05.05.18Lynda 27 Practical Tips for Songwriters TUTORIAL86.6 MBLearning
05.05.18Lynda Ableton Live 10 Essential Training TUTORIAL5.76 GBLearning
24.03.18Lynda Logic Pro X New Features TUTORIAL1.7 GBLearning
24.03.18Lynda Tips and Tricks for Modern Producers TUTORIAL438.46 MBLearning
19.03.18Lynda.Learning.Music.Licensing.TUTORiAL269.93 MBLearning
14.03.18Lynda Adobe Audition Mixing Music and Dialog TUTORIAL1023.61 MBLearning
23.02.18Lynda Voice-Over for Video and Animation TUTORiAL705.57 MBLearning
08.02.18Lynda Audio Mixing Master Class By Bobby Owsinski UPDATE 0...1.29 GBLearning
05.02.18Lynda Migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X TUTORIAL3.26 GBLearning
20.12.17Hal Leonard The Real Christmas Book Bb Edition AZW319.92 MBLearning
30.11.17Lynda Audition CC 2018 Essential Training TUTORIAL2.34 GBLearning
11.11.17Lynda Audio Design for Interactive Projects TUTORiAL278.73 MBLearning
02.11.17Hal Leonard Corporation The Real Blues Book Songbook C Instruments EPUB29.54 MBLearning
02.11.17Hal Leonard Corporation The Real Book Volume III C Instruments 2nd Edition ...32.2 MBLearning
30.10.17Lynda.Learning.Reason.9.TUTORIAL2.7 GBLearning
20.10.17Lynda Audio Mixing Master Class By Bobby Owsinski UPDATE 101.09 GBLearning
18.10.17Lynda Premiere Pro CC 2018 New Features TUTORIAL405.06 MBLearning
15.10.17Lynda Pro Tools Virtual Instruments TUTORIAL444.62 MBLearning
15.10.17Lynda Learning Max for Live TUTORiAL235.32 MBLearning
15.10.17Lynda Advanced Drum Recording Session with Josh Freese TUTORiAL.rar1.24 GBLearning
15.10.17Lynda Learning Cubase 7 TUTORiAL447 MBLearning
08.10.17Lynda MASCHINE and Ableton Live Integrating the Apps TUTORIAL283.51 MBLearning
08.10.17Lynda Media Composer 8 7 Essential Training 101 updated Oc...4.06 GBLearning
05.10.17Lynda Audio and Music Production Careers First Steps TUTORiAL187.51 MBLearning
05.10.17Lynda Learning Premiere Elements 2018 TUTORIAL1.45 GBLearning
05.10.17Lynda Learning Max for Live TUTORiAL235.32 MBLearning
27.09.17Lynda.Learning.REAPER.4.TUTORiAL774.51 MBLearning
26.09.17Lynda.Learning.MASSIVE.TUTORiAL199.48 MBLearning
26.09.17Lynda iZotope RX 4 Repairing and Enhancing Audio TUTORiAL2.01 GBLearning
26.09.17Lynda Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training TUTORiAL4.33 GBLearning
25.09.17Lynda.Ableton.Live.DJing.TUTORiAL1.02 GBLearning
25.09.17Lynda.Learning.GUITAR.RIG.TUTORiAL107.52 MBLearning

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