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06.09.19Big.Room.Sound.Magic.WAV91.94 MBLearning
27.08.19Standalone-Music Rave House XP Getlow KONTAKT28.63 MBSample Libraries
18.08.19Engineering.Samples.Techno.Rave.WAV455.41 MBSample Libraries
10.06.19Riemann Kollektion Riemann Rave Techno 1 WAV626.05 MBSample Libraries
01.03.19Soundsmiths 41K Magic Future Soul and Funk WAV529.93 MBSample Libraries
20.02.19Sample Magic SM101 MIDI Elements Sleazy Drum Kits MULTiFORMAT352.91 MBSample Libraries
20.02.19Sample Magic SM 170 Synthwave 3 MULTiFORMAT1.81 GBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample Magic SM101 Jazz Hop Melodics WAV MIDI ALS ADG ALP451.15 MBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample Magic SM101 Dusty Melodics and Hooks WAV MIDI ALS ADG ALP336.01 MBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample Magic The Sound of Tech-House MULTiFORMAT1.07 GBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample Magic SM101 Dusty Hip-Hop Drum Kits MULTiFORMAT248.79 MBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample.Magic.Deep.Detroit.MULTiFORMAT1.16 GBSample Libraries
19.02.19Sample Magic Deep UK Tech-House MULTiFORMAT2.17 GBSample Libraries
18.02.19Sample Magic 90s Deep House and Garage MULTiFORMAT FULL1.02 GBSample Libraries
18.02.19Sample Magic White Label 90s Deep House WAV MIDI448.03 MBSample Libraries
18.02.19Sample Magic White Label Deep Progressive MULTiFORMAT819.74 MBSample Libraries
18.02.19Sample Magic SM101 Live Hi-Hats Vol 3 WAV227.82 MBSample Libraries
17.02.19Sample Magic SM109 Retrowave MULTiFORMAT FULL1.29 GBSample Libraries
17.02.19Sample Magic SM141 Retro Future MULTiFORMAT1.34 GBSample Libraries
15.02.19Sample Magic MIDI Elements Retrowave Drums MULTiFORMAT63.53 MBSample Libraries
15.02.19Sample Magic SM101 Retro Future Patches NI Massive and Sylenth patches NMSV...36.07 MBPresets
29.01.19Sample Magic SM101 MIDI Elements Synthwave Drums MULTiFORMAT63.67 MBSample Libraries
03.01.19Flux Junger Audio Level Magic v3 7 0 47856 HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R9.69 MBVSTi + Fx
25.12.18Articulated Sounds Magic Elements Volume 1 WAV-DISCOVER3.21 GBSample Libraries
29.11.18Black Octopus Sound Rave Re-Imagined WAV XFER RECORDS SERUM-DISCOVER279.64 MBSample Libraries
17.11.18Sample Magic SM197 Neon Noir Massive Presets NMSV35.36 KBPresets
05.11.18SkillShare Mobile Studio Magic Garageband for iPad Instrument Focus Sampler...354 MBLearning
20.09.18Sample Magic Future Vox Wav Rex2 Serum Midi Ableton Cubase1.86 GBSample Libraries
17.09.18Sample Magic 90s House & Garage WAV MIDI541.69 MBSample Libraries
15.09.18Sample Magic Klip v1 0 5 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE1.4 GBSample Libraries
03.08.18Sample Magic Future Pop Drums 2 MULTiFORMAT143.07 MBSample Libraries
03.08.18Sample Magic Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits MULTiFORMAT319.11 MBSample Libraries
03.08.18Sample.Magic.Lo-Fi.Pop.MULTiFORMAT3.37 GBSample Libraries
08.07.18Sample Magic SM White Label Dark Dub MULTiFORMAT622.91 MBSample Libraries
11.06.18WOW Sound RPG Magic SFX 2 WAV-DECiBEL96.39 MBLearning
06.05.18DrumVault - Black Magic (Omnisphere Bank)211 KBPresets
06.05.18DrumVault - Black Magic II (Omnisphere Bank)3 MBPresets
05.05.18Sample.Magic.Lo-Fi.Beats.MULTiFORMAT1.47 GBSample Libraries
29.03.18Diginoiz.Magic.80s.3.WAV-DISCOVER152.38 MBSample Libraries
24.03.18MSXII Sound Sir Magic Jonezy Hooks WAV150.4 MBSample Libraries
12.01.18Sample.Magic.Chiptune.MULTiFORMAT-SYNTHiC4TE861 MBSample Libraries
08.01.18Sound Magic Neo MasterTool v1 0 0 CE-V R2.44 MBAudioapps
08.01.18Sound Magic Neo DynaMaster v1 0 0 CE-V R2.2 MBVSTi + Fx
07.01.18Sample.Magic.Vaportrap.MULTiFORMAT3.73 GBSample Libraries
05.01.18Sample Magic Soulful keys 2 AiFF MiDi REX282.09 MBSample Libraries
17.12.17Sample.Magic.Soultronica.MULTiFORMAT2.31 GBSample Libraries
16.12.17Sample Magic SM101 Melodic Techno Presets MIDI Sylenth1 Presets154.1 KBPresets
12.12.17Sample.Magic.Lo-Fi.Techno.MULTiFORMAT2.14 GBSample Libraries
06.12.17Moneymvkvz.MAGIC.Kit.WAV133.25 MBSample Libraries
04.12.17Sample.Magic.Vaporwave.2.MULTiFORMAT3.54 GBSample Libraries

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