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27.07.18Udemy Playing Piano Scales and Arpeggios Vol 2 Minor Keys TUTORiAL774 MBSample Libraries
25.06.18Skillshare Piano Pentatonics and Blues Scale 2 Minor Pentatonics TUTORIAL639.55 MBMisc
05.03.18Prosonic Studios-Midi Arpegio Series-Major&Minor Arpeggio 1-8125.47 MBPresets
05.03.18Prosonic Studios-Midi Arpegio Series-Major&Minor Arpeggio 9-15107.29 MBPresets
18.12.17Flatline Kits Cardiak Presents Minor Scales 4 WAV MiDi93.84 MBSample Libraries
15.12.17Academy FM Music Theory 101 Understanding Minor Chords TUTORiAL88.17 MBVSTi + Fx
14.12.17Academy fm Music Theory 101 Understanding Minor Scales TUTORIAL56 MBLearning
16.10.17Music Theory For Beat Makers The Formula to Play ANY Major or Minor Triad o...421.19 MBSample Libraries
23.08.17ProduceRnB The Dark Minor Chordz Preset Bank5.49 MBMisc
13.07.17The Beauty of Gemina Minor Sun Live in Zurich 2017 1080p MBLURAY x264-DEV09.92 GBLearning
13.07.17The Beauty of Gemina Minor Sun Live in Zurich 2017 720p MBLURAY x264-DEV05.51 GBLearning
23.06.17JTC - Alex Hutchings 20 Minor Rock Fusion Licks1.2 GBLearning
05.06.17JTC John F Klaver Minor Blues Essentials Masterclass TUTORIAL133.65 MBLearning
31.05.17Lick Library - What Is It And How Can I Use It - The Harmonic Minor Scale [...2.45 GBLearning
29.05.17Coursera Berklee Musicianship Chord Charts Diatonic Chords and Minor Keys T...868.87 MBLearning
11.04.17Erik Jackson Presents Minor Vibes WAV MiDi-DISCOVER239.19 MBSample Libraries
04.03.17Robert Farrell Guitar Scales and Modes Trainer Locrian #6 Mode of the Harmonic Minor...5.05 MBLearning
17.02.17Jam Track Central Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass Complete Box Set TUTORIAL1.18 GBLearning
26.01.17Udemy com Play Piano 10 Improvise on Love Story By Ear in Minor Key TUTORIA...374.15 MBLearning
28.12.16Truefire Jason Loughlins Blues Connections Minor 2016 TUTORIAL930.85 MBLearning
22.12.16Udemy com Learn Piano #3 Music Harmony & Learn 3 Minor Piano Chords TUTORIA...280.88 MBPresets
27.11.16Hitless Wonder A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll by Joe Oestreich PDFcon...1.79 MBLearning
15.10.16Truefire Robbie Calvo Power Play Minor Edition 2015 TUTORIAL721.67 MBLearning
01.09.16Udemy Music Theory Comprehensive Part 3 Minor Keys and More TUTORiAL644.66 MBSample Libraries
03.06.16Sondheim On Music Minor Details And Major Decisions PDF2.6 MBLearning
20.05.16Flatline Kits Cardiak Presents Minor Scales 3 WAV144.8 MBSample Libraries
23.04.16Dan Denley How to Solo with the Major Minor & Blues Pentatonic Scales PDF4.28 MBLearning
22.02.16Udemy Blues Guitar Lessons Volume 3 Minor Blues Essentials TUTORiAL1.99 GBPresets
20.11.15Hitless Wonder A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll by Joe Oestreich EPUB3.79 MBLearning
28.10.15Guitar Playback 30 Day Minor Pentatonic Challenge MP41022.94 MBLearning
23.09.15Jamtrack Central 20 Minor Key Fusion Licks with Ciro Manna 2015 WEBrip336.11 MBLearning
14.09.15Alex Hutchings 20 Minor Rock-Fusion Licks The Bonus Licks WEBrip448.43 MBLearning
04.09.15Lick Library Danny Gill What is it and How can I use it The Harmonic Minor...1.18 GBLearning
02.08.15Matthew Riley The Viennese Minor-Key Symphony in the Age of Haydn and Mozar...4.47 MBLearning
04.06.15Lick Library Quick Licks Synyster Gates Shred metal Key D minor DVDrip738.47 MBLearning
27.04.15Diatonic Major and Minor Scales PDF38.92 MBLearning
06.04.15Bass Scales Vol 4 Minor Blues PDF2.62 MBLearning
06.04.15Bass Scales Vol 2 Minor Pentatonic PDF2.46 MBLearning

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