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11:14Academy fm The Complete Guide To Synthesis in Native Instruments Massive TUTORiAL1.66 GBMisc
11:14Academy fm How To Make a Beat In The Style Of The Weeknd Start To Finish TUTORiAL1.33 GBMisc
14.07.18Ask Video Komplete 201 Kompletes Mixing Plugins TUTORiAL333.82 MBLearning
14.07.18ADSR Sounds EDM Tips The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course TUTORiAL1.44 GBLearning
14.07.18Sonic Academy How To Make Light with WNTER TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE4.79 GBLearning
14.07.18SkillShare Logic Pro X 101 Go From Total Beginner to Advanced in this Logic Pro X Complete G...9.12 GBMisc
13.07.18Academy fm How To Mix & Master a Song in Cubase 10 Start To Finish TUTORIAL1.78 GBSample Libraries
13.07.18Academy fm How to Make a Young Thug Style Beat TUTORIAL107.54 MBPresets
13.07.18Academy fm How to Make a Travis Scott Style Beat TUTORIAL173.35 MBPresets
12.07.18SkillShare A Beginners Introduction To Singing Important Things You Should To know T...217.99 MBAudioapps
12.07.18Udemy Advanced Music Production Secrets TUTORIAL3 GBAudioapps
12.07.18Udemy Voice Over Professional Audio Recording Editing and Marketing TUTORIAL968.6 MBPresets
11.07.18Truefire Sean McGowans Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar 2017 TUTORIAL1.46 GBLearning
11.07.18Academy fm How to Make a Drake Style Beat TUTORIAL128.88 MBSample Libraries
11.07.18Academy fm How to Make a 21 Savage Style Beat TUTORIAL134.15 MBSample Libraries
11.07.18Academy fm How to Make a Metro Boomin Style Beat TUTORIAL121.81 MBSample Libraries
11.07.18Udemy Logic Pro X Master your Music Production Workflow TUTORIAL2.63 GBSample Libraries
11.07.18SkillShare Sound Synthesis and Design in Logic Pro X Retro Synth TUTORIAL1.43 GBSample Libraries
11.07.18SkillShare Learn Future House Music Production in Logic Pro X TUTOR...3.37 GBMisc
11.07.18SkillShare Mixing Your Music Get a Professional Sound TUTORIAL1.5 GBMisc
10.07.18SkillShare the Fundamentals of Piano Playing pt 2 TUTORiAL890.94 MBSample Libraries
10.07.18SkillShare Music Theory Piano and Composition Concepts the Fun Unlimited Way! TUTORi...675.73 MBSample Libraries
10.07.18SkillShare Writing Music 101 Songwriting Basics TUTORiAL435.65 MBSample Libraries
10.07.18SkillShare Audio Production Pryda Style in Logic Pro X TUTORIAL2.54 GBLearning
10.07.18SkillShare Working with a DJ Events and Weddings TUTORIAL520.16 MBLearning
10.07.18SkillShare Logic Pro X The EXS24 Sampler TUTORIAL1.48 GBSample Libraries
09.07.18Cymatics Miami Future House Project File ALS LOGIC FL139.61 MBPresets
09.07.18PUREMIX Inside The Mix The Lumineers with Ryan Hewitt TUTORIAL1.91 GBLearning
09.07.18Sonic Academy How To Use Cubase 9 5 Beginner Level 2 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE3.01 GBLearning
09.07.18Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 36 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE1.23 GBLearning
08.07.18Triad Sounds Dark Tech House WAV160.71 MBSample Libraries
08.07.18Groove3 HALion Beginners Guide Programming Synths TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE230.74 MBLearning
08.07.18Groove3 Music Production Recipe Samurai Trap TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE85.83 MBLearning
08.07.18Academy fm How To Make a Migos Type Beat TUTORIAL258.68 MBPresets
08.07.18Academy fm How To Make a J Cole Type Beat TUTORIAL279.89 MBPresets
08.07.18Academy fm How To Make a Kodak Black Type Beat TUTORIAL248.74 MBPresets
06.07.18Udemy Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers TUTORIAL2.33 GBLearning
06.07.18Academy fm How To Make a Trap Drop Loop in Logic Pro TUTORIAL116.09 MBLearning
06.07.18Academy fm How To Make Trap Drums in Logic Pro TUTORIAL311.75 MBLearning
06.07.18Academy fm How To Write Trap Hihats in Logic Pro TUTORIAL209.16 MBLearning
06.07.18Academy fm Production Fundamentals Cubase Effects TUTORIAL1.26 GBLearning
06.07.18Truefire Jeff McErlains Soloing the Changes 2018 TUTORIAL898.45 MBLearning
05.07.18Vandalism KICK 2 Deep and Future House Expansion WAV KICK 2 Presets18.81 MBSample Libraries
05.07.18Udemy Creating Organic Beats in FL Studio TUTORiAL1.78 GBAudioapps
05.07.18SkillShare Music Protest Ableton Workflow Simple Recording Mixing TUTORiAL670.31 MBVSTi + Fx
04.07.18Academy fm Mixing & Mastering Future Bass in Logic TUTORIAL2.08 GBAudioapps
04.07.18Academy fm Production Fundamentals Pro Tools Effects TUTORIAL785.36 MBSample Libraries
04.07.18Academy fm Production Fundamentals Cubase Instruments TUTORIAL871.92 MBSample Libraries
04.07.18Skillshare Music Protest Mixing Audio with Cubase Part 1 EQ and Compression TUTORIAL...1.2 GBAudioapps
04.07.18Udemy FL Studio Mixer Workflow TUTORIAL1.78 GBPresets

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