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02.10.15Nine Volt Audio Downtempo Guitars Vol 2 Wav Acid Rex 1.92 GBSample Libraries
02.10.15Nine Volt Audio Downtempo Guitars Vol 1 Wav Acid Rex 797.55 MBSample Libraries
26.09.15Vanilla Groove Studios Layered Acoustic Guitars185.68 MBSample Libraries
25.09.15Future.Music.Ambient.Guitars.WAV324.73 MBSample Libraries
23.09.15Nine Volt Audio Chopped Guitars Wav Acid Rex R1.24 GBSample Libraries
23.09.15Vanilla Groove Studios Italian Guitars Vol 1 WAV-AUDIOST96.62 MBSample Libraries
19.09.15Vanilla Groove Studios Chillstep Acoustic Guitars Vol 1 WA...169.23 MBSample Libraries
19.09.15Dan Erlewines Maintenance and Setup for Electr1.35 GBLearning
19.09.15Dan Erlewines Maintenance and Setup for Electr1.33 GBLearning
18.09.15Vanilla Groove Studios Funky Clean Guitars Vol 1 WAV-AUDIO...102.89 MBSample Libraries
25.08.15Future Music Vintage Guitars and Amps WAV269.51 MBSample Libraries
14.08.15Dan Erlewine Maintenance & Setup for Electr2.68 GBLearning
07.08.15Future Music Funk & Soul Guitars WAV146.54 MBSample Libraries
25.07.15Function Loops Deep Twin Guitars WAV SCD-DISCOVER650.22 MBSample Libraries
24.07.15Fox Samples Electro Disco Funk Guitars WAV-AUDIOST...642.86 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15Organic Loops Rock and Hip Hop Guitars an...55 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15Organic Loops Lick Me Guitars WAV REX979.86 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15Organic.Loops.Funkified.Guitars.MULTiFORM...754 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15Organic Loops Brazilian Guitars183 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15Organic Loops Funk Guitars WAV REX2-MAGNE...78 MBSample Libraries
23.07.15PS50 Real Guitars (AKAI format)229 MBSample Libraries
20.07.15Fox Samples EDM Funk Guitars WAV-SYNTHiC4TE268.79 MBSample Libraries
18.07.15Classic.&.Vintage.Guitars.PDF27.93 MBLearning
15.07.15Big Fish Audio Indie Guitars The Loft Sessions KONTAKT-AUD...2.48 GBSample Libraries
15.07.15Big Fish Audio Indie Guitars The Loft Sessions MULTiFO5.95 GBSample Libraries
12.07.15Music Production School Recording Acousti...334.01 MBLearning
05.07.15Fox Samples Western Edm Guitars WAV-AUDIOSTR713.97 MBSample Libraries
24.06.15Monster Sounds Le Freaky Guitars WAV 320.39 MBSample Libraries
12.06.15Peace Love Productions Rock Guitars Vol 1...423.04 MBSample Libraries
08.06.15Prime Loops Xtreme Guitars ACiD WAV MPC <...1.54 GBSample Libraries
02.06.15SM Studio Disco and Funk Guitars 2 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE114.16 MBSample Libraries
01.06.15Prime Loops Smooth RnB Guitars297.82 MBSample Libraries
30.05.15Organic Loops Atmospheric Guitars ACiD WA...476.58 MBSample Libraries
30.05.15Organic Loops Rock and Hip Hop Guitars an...90.85 MBSample Libraries
23.05.15PreSonus Nine Volt Audio Guitars for Stud...889.49 MBPresets
15.05.15Sony Creative Software VertuStudio 817.34 MBSample Libraries
14.05.15Fox Samples The Guitars Latin WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE331.87 MBSample Libraries
13.05.15Prime Loops Dirty South Guitars MULTiFO230.08 MBSample Libraries
11.05.15SM Studio Acoustic Pop Guitars WAV REX AiFF-AUDIOST271.98 MBSample Libraries
11.05.15Ethnic.Guitars.Cavaquinhos.KONTAKT21.16 MBSample Libraries
04.05.15Cinematique.Instruments.Bowed.Guitars.KON...267.72 MBSample Libraries
03.05.15Jim Donahue Guitars Design Production And R4.45 MBLearning
30.04.15Hal Leonard Starter Seri...2.01 GBLearning
28.04.15Big Fish Audio Quirky Guitars vol 2 KONTA...1.01 GBSample Libraries
14.04.15Vanilla Groove Studios Songwriter 203.7 MBSample Libraries
10.04.15Vanilla Groove Studios Latin Guitars Vol 1 WAV AiFF-AUDIOS...175.15 MBSample Libraries
09.04.15Diginoiz Pop Guitars ACiD WAV AiFF-AUDIOSTRiKE1.4 GBSample Libraries
06.04.15Smart.Loops.Electric.Guitars.WAV181.54 MBSample Libraries
06.04.15Big Fish Audio Island Guitars KONTAKT-MAGNETR1.05 GBSample Libraries
06.04.15Big Fish Audio Eclipse Ambient Guitars KO...2.88 GBSample Libraries

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