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01:12Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Live 10 ...2.03 GBLearning
01:12Sonic Academy How To Use Metric AB with Protoculture TUTOR...501.39 MBLearning
13.11.18Sonic Academy How To Use Byome with Protoculture TUTORiAL-...2.58 GBLearning
13.11.18Sonic Tech Tips Volume 38 with WNTER TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE713.63 MBLearning
13.11.18Sonic Academy Understanding Loudness and Metering with Kir...1.58 GBLearning
13.11.18Sonic Academy How To Make Timelapse with Jerome Isma-Ae TU...2.86 GBLearning
12.11.18Sonic Academy - How To Make It Is What It Isn't with Julia...4.32 GBLearning
12.11.18Sonic Academy - Mixing Kick and Bass with Protoculture - C...3.27 GBLearning
10.11.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 204 The Modulation Plugins TUTORIA...172.39 MBLearning
10.11.18Sonic Academy - Tech Trance - Studio One 4 - Bjorn Akesson4.73 GBLearning
09.11.18Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Live 10 ...410.9 MBLearning
09.11.18Sonic Academy How To Use Cubase 9 5 Beginner Level 1 TUTOR...2.61 GBLearning
09.11.18Sonic Academy How To Use ShaperBox with 2Scoops TUTORiAL-A...319.4 MBLearning
03.11.18Toolroom Academy Tech House London WAV MiDi332.75 MBSample Libraries
24.10.18Udemy How To Make EDX Style In Logic Pro X Music Production Course TUTORiAL...3.99 GBVSTi + Fx
20.10.18sonic underworld Dark Zebra Maridor for Zebra1.74 MBPresets
20.10.18Sonic Underworld Omnisphere Aira for Omnisphere 2914.14 KBPresets
20.10.18Sonic.Underworld.Zebra.Infernum1.68 MBPresets
18.10.18Sonic Scores Overture v5 5 4 0 x64 WIN257.72 MBAudioapps
18.10.18F9 Electric Funk Instruments Logic Pro X EXS24 Channel strips5.2 GBSample Libraries
14.10.18Groove3 Logic Pro X Key Commands Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE152 MBLearning
14.10.18Probability Pack by Sonic Faction for Ableton Live 10 Suit...25 MBPresets
14.10.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 401 Art of EDM Big Room TUTORiAL178 MBLearning
14.10.18Academy fm How To Layer Synths in Logic Pro for a Unique F...138 MBSample Libraries
14.10.18Academy fm How To Make a Beat In The Style Of The Weeknd Start To Finish TU...1.56 GBSample Libraries
09.10.18Sonic Academy ANA 2 Presets Vol 5 Trance-MATRiX628.56 KBPresets
09.10.18Udemy Create a Dj Snake Style Track in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS1.91 GBSample Libraries
09.10.18Udemy How to Make Calvin Harris Style Track in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-DYNAMiC...2.69 GBSample Libraries
06.10.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 203 Logics Compre...236.04 MBLearning
04.10.18Groove3 Using Melodyne ARA with Logic Pro X Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE130.87 MBLearning
02.10.18Udemy Mixing + Music Production in Logic Pro X Best Free Plugins TUTORIAL4.44 GBAudioapps
29.09.18Apple Logic Pro X 10 4 2 MacOSX1.37 GBLearning
29.09.18Groove3 Logic Pro X 10 4 2 Update Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTH...120.17 MBLearning
17.09.18PUREMIX Quickstart Series Audio Editing In Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE161.43 MBPresets
17.09.18PUREMIX Quickstart Series Learn How To Navigate Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-SYNTHi...122.61 MBPresets
17.09.18PUREMIX Quickstart Series Using The Mixer In Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4T...157.5 MBPresets
17.09.18PUREMIX Quickstart Series Learn How To Use The Library In Logic Pro X TUTOR...135.37 MBPresets
17.09.18PUREMIX Quickstart Series MIDI Editing In Logic Pro X TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE202.08 MBPresets
17.09.18Cymatics Lookouts Trap Beat Project File ALS LOGIC FLP638.97 MBPresets
17.09.18Academy fm Creating an Oliver Heldens Style Future House Track with Sem TUT...957.9 MBVSTi + Fx
15.09.18Sonic Scores Overture v5 5 3 0 x64 Incl Patch-MTP265.71 MBAudioapps
15.09.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 104 Mixing and Automation TUTORiAL477.82 MBLearning
10.09.18MacProVideo Logic Pro X 102 Recording and Editing Audio TU...162 MBLearning
03.09.18Sonic Academy Gareth Emery Interview TUTORiAL-DYNAMiCS794.91 MBLearning
03.09.18Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Live 10 ...1.19 GBLearning
03.09.18Sonic Academy How To Use Tekturon with Bluffmunkey TUTORiA...464.56 MBLearning
03.09.18Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Live 10 ...1.74 GBLearning
03.09.18Sonic Academy How To Make Kangiten with Paolo Mojo TUTORiA...3.35 GBLearning
23.08.18Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 37 with Matthew Anthony TUT...1.44 GBLearning
17.08.18Sonic Studio Amarra Luxe v4 2 436 MacOSX35 MBAudioapps

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