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24.02.20Udemy Adobe Premiere CC 2019 Quick Start Zero To Hero Updated2.68 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy.Asynchronous.JavaScript.Deep.Dive2.05 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy AWS Mastering Boto3 & Lambda Functions Using Python2.29 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Chrome Extension Development For Everyone Updated 2 2020698.44 MBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R482.75 MBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Chrome DevTools Introduction 2020 Web Developers Guide641.11 MBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy CorelDraw 2020 Beginners Mastery Course Easy to Follow2.2 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Developing HTML5 multiplayer browser game also known as io410.17 MBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Efficient Java Multithreading with Executors2.85 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy After Effects Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!2.9 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Java Object Oriented Programming Analysis Design OOPs & OOAD4.63 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Ux design for restaurants Learn the best UX practices157.28 MBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Learning PHP MySQL & JavaScript With JQuery CSS & HTML5 Updated6.42 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy GUI Programming with Python Tkinter and Java Swing2.57 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Golang How to design and build REST microservices in Go8.73 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy JavaScript and Ruby on Rails with React Angular and Vue9.56 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Learning Modern HTML & CSS made EASY AND FAST2.71 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Microservices with Spring Course Build Distributed Systems3.4 GBAudioapps
24.02.20Udemy Mastering Hyperledger Chaincode Development using GoLang2.48 GBAudioapps
19.02.20Udemy 3D Animation using Unity Timeline Updated Jan 20207.55 GBSample Libraries
19.02.20Udemy 30 Days To A Better Singing Voice TUTORIAL1.55 GBSample Libraries
19.02.20Udemy Take your Sibelius skills to the next level Course 1 TUTORIAL2.91 GBSample Libraries
18.02.20Udemy Blender 2 8X Colour Correction In Compositing1.36 GBUpdates
18.02.20Udemy Learn Maya A Beginners guide to Creating Realistic Scenes Updated 02 ...8.2 GBUpdates
12.02.20Udemy Stop Being Tone-Deaf Singing On Pitch TUTORIAL449 MBAudioapps
12.02.20Udemy Adobe Audition CC 2019-2020 Beginners Mastery Course TUTORIAL970 MBAudioapps
16.01.20Udemy Create a Point & Click Adventure using Unity 3D8.14 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy Sound Design 102 Using Synthesis for Music Production update 2019 TUT...652.18 MBVSTi + Fx
12.01.20Udemy Java Fast Track Preparation for Interview as Java Developer Updated 1...2.42 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy A Complete Python Tkinter Hands-On with 7 Projects1000.59 MBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy Learn to Build Websites in Django 3 03.79 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 UX and UI Updated3.11 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy SQL Introduction to MySQL + a glimpse to MsSQL & PL-SQL Updated 12 20...1.44 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy Reportlab Python Complete Tutorial Python PDF Processing Updated 1 20...5.71 GBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy Vue Js 2 Essential Basics for beginners Vue Js216.87 MBSample Libraries
12.01.20Udemy SUPER Efficient with Flutter Tips & Tricks for Intellij1021.06 MBSample Libraries
09.01.20Udemy Learn to Play the Tuba Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours! TUTORiAL2.43 GBAudioapps
09.01.20Udemy Photorealistic Drawing with Pencils Beginner to Advanced1.33 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy Decision Trees Random Forests AdaBoost & XGBoost in Python2.22 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy JavaScript Programming Learn by Making a Mobile Game665.29 MBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy Rock the JVM! Scala and Functional Programming for Beginners4.83 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy PHP Complete Login and Registration System with PHP & MYSQL1.24 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy Machine Learning Data Science and Deep Learning with Python7.53 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy SQL in C# Series Using Aggregate Functions in C# and SQL2.17 GBSample Libraries
07.01.20Udemy Using Zip File in C# Build Backup & Restore Form in C# App2.44 GBSample Libraries
06.01.20Udemy Prepare JAVA in 2 hours634.81 MBAudioapps
06.01.20Udemy SQL in VB Net Series Aggregate Functions in VB Net and SQL2.2 GBAudioapps
06.01.20Udemy Zip File in VB Net- Create Backup & Restore Form in VB Net2.42 GBAudioapps
06.01.20Udemy Photoshop Retouching-Learn Digital Art in Photoshop2.79 GBAudioapps
06.01.20Udemy.Mastering.Visual.Studio.Code2.09 GBAudioapps

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