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02.07.19U-he Kevin Schroeder Arena for Hive H2P1.73 MBPresets
02.07.19U-he Howard Scarr & Kevin Schroeder Hive Science 2 for Hive2.28 MBPresets
10.06.19Plughugger Azure Soundset for Hive 215.04 MBPresets
28.05.19u-he Hive v2 0 0 8676 CE-V R155.33 MBMisc
17.03.19Joseph Hollos Shining Hive sound bank for U-he Hive22.11 MBPresets
12.02.19Sounds Divine Essential Mix For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER548.18 KBPresets
12.02.19Sounds Divine Supersonic FM For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER582.6 KBPresets
08.02.19u-he Hive v1 2 1 8256 CE-V R278.64 MBSample Libraries
08.02.19Soundsdivine.Overflow.u-he.Hive.Soundset679.95 KBPresets
25.01.19DUSTONS EDM Innovation Vol 2 for U-he Hive393.44 KBPresets
24.01.19Dustons EDM Innovation Vol 1 for HIVE398.53 KBPresets
26.12.18Prime Loops Total Samples Mechanical Hive Dubstep Massive Presets NMSV149 KBPresets
11.12.18u-he Hive 1 2 0 8115 CE-V R277.32 MBLearning
03.07.18u-he Hive v1 1 0 7485 CE Rev2-V R257.47 MBSample Libraries
25.06.18u-he Hive v1 1 0 7485 CE-V R256.87 MBMisc
26.04.18Krezie Sounds Krezie Journeys for Hive4.56 MBPresets
29.03.18Sonic Underworld Hive Aeon For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER17.01 MBPresets
17.01.17u-he Hive Science Soundset for Hive H2P-TZ Group1.97 MBPresets
17.01.17u-he Catalyst Soundset for Hive H2P-TZ Group4 MBPresets
15.01.17Plughugger Hype Presets for U-he Hive3.16 MBPresets
14.01.17Perimeter Sound Synthwave Digitized Presets for u-he Hive H2P987.72 KBPresets
04.12.16Perimeter Sound Arts Synthwave Night Vision for Hive653.91 KBPresets
04.12.16Perimeter Sound Hive Tek-Full Patch Set712.31 KBPresets
03.11.16Homegrown Sounds Shimmer for UHE Bazille-MAGNETRiXX933.08 KBPresets
08.10.16Touch the Universe Melodic Enchantment for U-He Hive1.42 MBPresets
01.10.16Sound Arte Nuovo Transmitting Spheres For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER14.32 MBPresets
27.08.16NatLife True Trance Sounds Vol 2 for U-He Hive15.78 MBPresets
26.08.16I'm Raving! Vol.1 for U-He Hive.zip49 MBPresets
07.06.16Brandon Clark Land Of Chimera For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER7.34 MBPresets
24.03.16Magic Trance Music Beatsole Trance Essentials Vol 1 For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER4.85 MBPresets
15.03.16True Trance Recordings True Trance Basslines Vol 1 for Hive10.49 MBPresets
15.03.16True Trance Recordings Cosmics Plucks Vol 1 for Hive21.3 MBPresets
13.03.16Bjulin Waves InspireMe Vol 07 Retro Evolved For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER4.96 MBPresets
13.03.16Bjulin Waves InspireMe Vol 07 Retro Evolved for Uhe Hive653.09 KBPresets
01.03.16Plughugger Zen Electro soundset for u-he Hive H2P incl NKSF [Convert by Myr...3.16 MBPresets
03.02.16NatLife Cosmic Pluck vol 1 for U-He Hive7.7 MBMisc
16.12.15Biome Digital Enter The Hive For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER208.3 MBPresets
16.12.15Twolegs Toneworks Honey Monster Vol 1 For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER6.97 MBPresets
25.11.15Biome Digital Ultimate Power For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER12.67 MBPresets
10.11.15Vandalism Shocking EDM For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER3.78 MBPresets
22.09.15Krezie Sounds Krezie EDM For U-HE HiVE H2P-DISCOVER6.93 MBPresets
16.09.15Yesmki Mysterious Hexagon For U-HE HiVE H2P-DISCOVER25 MBPresets
15.09.15Yesmki Mysterious Hexagon For U-HE HiVE H2P-DISCOVER25.26 MBPresets
15.06.15Xenos Soundworks Future Retro Beats For UHE HiVE H2P-DISCO...4.48 MBPresets
15.06.15WeatherM Underwave Theory For UHE HiVE H2P-DISCOVER17.52 MBPresets
11.06.15Sound Arte Nuovo PadsHeaven 3 For UHE ZEBRA2 H2P-DISCOVER6.35 MBPresets
19.03.15WeatherM Dreamer For UHE ZEBRA H2P-DISCOVER18.19 MBPresets

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