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04.04.20Dj Nelson Reggaeton Drums 2 WAV1.7 MBSample Libraries
04.04.20Dylan Wissing 70s COP SHOW DRUMS Vol 2 The Theme Phat Mix WAV36.02 MBSample Libraries
04.04.20WavSupply Nick Mira Intel HH MIDI Kit WAV MiDi5.1 MBSample Libraries
04.04.20Engineering Samples RED Talking Strangers WAV MiDi751.59 MBSample Libraries
04.04.20IRRUPT Audio Mouth Transmissions V.1 WAV567.44 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Manu Beatz SO ICEY KIT 2 (Drum kit) WAV MiDi FLP TUTORiAL1.22 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20Loopmasters Lack of Afro Presents Jazz Crates WAV REX1.15 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20About.Noise.Deep.Tech.WAV67.98 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Gorilla Recordings Deep Session Mega Bundle WAV AiFF765.86 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Splice A ROMderful Pack of Samples 2 WAV-DECiBEL119.12 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Splice A ROMderful Pack of Samples WAV-DECiBEL114.79 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser.Classic.80s.Snares.WAV-DECiBEL29.19 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser Inner Techno Visions WAV MIDI-DECiBEL3.02 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser.Mesmeric.Pop.WAV.MIDI-DECiBEL1.54 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser.Progression.WAV.MIDI-DECiBEL2.3 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser.Movie.Stabs.WAV-DECiBEL1023.62 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Zenhiser.Mirrors.Techno.WAV.MIDI-DECiBEL3.93 GBSample Libraries
03.04.20Julez Jadon Artsy Trap Drums Vol 2 WAV-SYNTHiC4TE276.38 MBSample Libraries
03.04.20Cymatics Hearts Charity Sample Pack WAV MiDi1.92 GBSample Libraries
02.04.20Freak Music Ambiente WAV MIDI SPIRE271.78 MBSample Libraries
02.04.20Erxs Public Enemy Drum Kit WAV MIDI-DECiBEL47.28 MBSample Libraries
02.04.20Jakik.Crimson.Sample.Library.WAV-DECiBEL399.28 MBSample Libraries
02.04.20Freak.Music.Vocalise.2.WAV749.17 MBSample Libraries
02.04.20CEG Production Out The Door Voices Of The Apocalypse Vol I WAV518.31 MBMisc
02.04.20NatLife Hive 2 Bass & Korg Drums V1 WAV Hive 2100.65 MBSample Libraries
01.04.20WA Production Mantra Wav Midi Presets FLP4.36 GBSample Libraries
01.04.20Black Octopus Sound Basement Freaks Spaghetti Western Psychedelia WAV-DECiB...656.18 MBSample Libraries
01.04.20Gravitas Create AHEE Spellbound Sample Pack WAV-DECiBEL152.29 MBSample Libraries
01.04.20Gravitas Create Alien Energy WAV MIDI Serum-DECiBEL436.41 MBSample Libraries
01.04.20Production Master Selektor Berlin Techno WAV-DECiBEL864.9 MBSample Libraries
01.04.20Production.Master.The.Drumz.WAV-DECiBEL2.1 GBSample Libraries
31.03.20Splice.J-E-T-S.Zoospa.Sounds.WAV457.98 MBSample Libraries
31.03.20Splice Goldcap Organic Sounds Drums & Percussion WAV146.45 MBSample Libraries
31.03.20Splice Deft Layers Sample Pack WAV220.29 MBSample Libraries
31.03.20Splice Ciels Liquid Air Sample Pack WAV486.31 MBSample Libraries
31.03.20BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of A WAV3.55 GBSample Libraries
31.03.20BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of Bb WAV5.4 GBSample Libraries
08.03.20AngelicVibes.Hazel.16-24-32.bit.WAV69.96 MBSample Libraries
08.03.20XL.Sound.Effects.Calmsound.WAV960.73 MBSample Libraries
08.03.20Origamibeats Gami x Fiori OTAKU Drum Kit Vol 1 WAV MiDi488.98 MBSample Libraries
08.03.20BEATS24-7.Delight.Guitars.WAV84.9 MBSample Libraries
05.03.20YC Audio Ethnic Loop Vibes Vol 1 WAV57 MBSample Libraries
05.03.205DOLLAKITS.No.More.Love.WAV51 MBSample Libraries
05.03.20TheDrumBank Astro Circus Vol 1 WAV229 MBSample Libraries
05.03.20Major.Loops.Morningside.WAV402 MBSample Libraries
03.03.20Stve.Lawrence.Late.Hours.WAV-SYNTHiC4TE44.55 MBSample Libraries
03.03.20Sonics.Empire.Platinum.Vinyl.WAV39.38 MBSample Libraries
03.03.20Trance Euphoria Euphoric Uplifting Vocal Trance Anthems WAV MiDi Spire NI M...1.12 GBSample Libraries
03.03.20Trap Veterans Woah Sample Pack WAV48.71 MBSample Libraries
01.03.20Freaky Loops Dead Symphony Trap WAV PATCHES1.34 GBSample Libraries

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